Tuesday Poster Round up

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1. Pirates of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides: Grade C-

I’m not sure who is excited about this film, but that is beside the point. There is great detail in this poster, particularly in the skull itself. However, it does look a little unfinished. Not all the details blend together well.

2. Blue Valentine: Grade B

A lovely intimate shot capturing the mood of the characters and film. The dark seems to be wrapping around them like a blanket. The only problem is the critic blurb. It really doesn’t matter if Gosling and Williams are nominated for any award and no one cares.

3. The Nutcracker: Grade B

Maybe I am just attracted to shiny objects, but I really like this poster. The falling snowflakes, the detail of the life sized toy, and the wonder in the girls face, makes for a dreamy feel.

4. Balada Triste de Trompeta: Grade D+

Effectively disturbing, but overall it is messy. The scratchy color and look is decent, but not enough to redeem.

5. An Ordinary Execution: Grade C

It displays a lot of the tenants that I normally like about a poster, particularly the color red. But there is something off about this poster. The image of the two characters in Stalin’s shadow seems tacked on, and the off-center placement of the text doesn’t feel right.

6. Sound of Noise: Grade C

The neon text is fun, but the use of yellow is harsh. The deadly serious look on the band’s faces, may not be meant to be comical is, in fact, subtly funny.

7. Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji: Grade A

Why do so many great posters come from India? It is a gorgeous shade of orange, matching perfectly with the other colors in the poster. It is perfect eye food.

8. Hunky Dory: Grade B-

A fun teaser. The retro look of the buttons on the school uniform has a mischievous look to it, invoking skipping school and smoking cigarettes, while listening to rebellious rock.

9. Wu Xia: Grade A

So much pretty yellow, it has a great calming feel, yet there is something unsettling just under the service with this poster, perhaps it is the posture of the men, or maybe the newspaper text that can be seen under the yellow. I’m not sure if that is supposed to be there, but I won’t old it against it.

10. Jane Eyre: Grade A+

I feel like I’ve seen this poster before, but that doesn’t change the ghostly beauty it stirs. There is a feeling of longing and despair that one can’t put a finger on.

  1. yellowleaf says

    who cares? You probably are not Gosing or Willams fan.

  2. James Merolla says

    I am really looking forward to Blue Valentine.

  3. Mixtapes says

    Blue Valentine looks great from the trailers I’ve seen, but I agree about Pirates Of The Caribbean. Who cares???

  4. Peter Neubert

    RT @sound_on_sight2010Tuesday Poster Round up – every Tuedsay rounding off the best and worst new movie posters

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    Tuesday Poster Round up – every Tuedsay rounding off the best and worst new movie posters
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