Tuesday Poster Round Up

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It’s a new year, and the posters are still coming. Let’s have fun and look at a few, shall we?

1. The Green Hornet: Grade F

What else could be said about this poster other than the fact it looks very cheap, and thrown together? It doesn’t look as if there was any attention to detail at all.

This is a good start to the year.

2. Cedar Rapids: Grade C+

The uninhibited joy in Ed Helms’ face is cause for a chuckle, and the sparse background also keeps everything neat and uncluttered.

3. Hall Pass: Grade D

This doesn’t even look like Own Wilson. If his name wasn’t on the poster, I never would have known. Now, that really isn’t a bad thing, the very smoothed out, photoshopped look is.

4. Kutsal Damacana: Grade B-

My love for the goofy irreverence of Bollywood continues to grow with this poster. Is it a good poster? No, but the self-awareness involved is what makes a poster like this so fun.

5. Waiting for Forever: Grade C+

There is a charm to this poster that is infectious. Perhaps it is trying too hard to achieve that charm, but believe it or not, there is something about Rachel Bilson’s awkward smile that holds it all together.

6. Miss Nobody: Grade C-

There is a silly fun to the poster, but it isn’t great. It is a little cluttered, and the colors are very washed out and dull.

7. A Heartbeat Away: Grade B+

One can almost hear the music in the design of the poster. The red and gold against the blue background jumps nicely, and it doesn’t get weighed down by the cheesy tagline.

8. The Last Godfather: Grade F

I really don’t know what this is. It’s not a good poster, but what’s worse is, did they have to use such a similar image to the iconic shot from Leone’s Once Upon a Time in America?

9. Dylan Dog: Grade B

This is a simple, sexy poster, direct and to the point, the only problem is the lack of a title. The “DD” isn’t very descriptive, and yes, I see the web site on the bottom, but it is easy to overlook. Either way, it is still an interesting poster.

10. The Other Woman: Grade A

The Poster of The Week uses a design that is getting a little overused, but the water color look is still pretty.

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    Tuesday Poster Round Up –
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