Tuesday Poster Round-Up

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1. The Last Lions: Grade B

Taglines are often unnecessary, but this one offers a little more insight into the specific subject matter than we typically see. The images also allow for a more detailed look at the beauty of these animals.

2. Waste Land: Grade C-

A little different, but still very average. No pun intended, but this poster is bogged down by a lot of clutter, and an overall drab color.

3. Henry’s Crime: Grade C

There is very little one can say about this poster. It isn’t particularly stylish, nor is it ugly. It’s just kind of boring, and lacking.

4. Black Swan: Grade B+

Believe it or not, what makes this poster good is the bold strikes of the text. The text complements the subject matter nicely.

5. The Rite: Grade D

This poster makes one snicker a bit, if only the poster was designed with the same kind of self-aware snicker. The imagery comes off as ham fisted.

6. Flight of The Swan: Grade B

I’m not always a fan of “floating heads” but not all floating heads are created equal. In this case the floating head actually expresses something besides just being a random image.

7. Tous les Soleils: Grade B

This is a nice use of color, with a bit of a rough hand drawn look to it, charming.

8. Je Suis Un No Man’s Land: Grade B

The color and detail of the background is great, and the aloof look on the actor’s face is also amusing.

9. The Last Mountain: Grade B+

This poster is certainly rough around the edges, and can use a little bit of artistic finesse, but the brazen clashing of the orange and black catches the eye, and brings attention to the provocative image of the protester in front of the truck.

10. Winnie The Pooh: Grade A

The illustrations for Winnie The Pooh are always meticulous and beautifully detailed. The use of open space works to keep the attention on the simple illustrations.

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