Tuesday Poster Round Up

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1. Resurrect Dead: Grade B

I know I’ve said this about other weeks, but this might be the best Poster Round Up yet, and we start out strong with this interesting poster. The graphic has a little bit of a mosaic look to it, and overall it is a fun, gritty street art feel.

2. Return to Babylon: Grade B

A little cluttered, but a great shade of color. It gives one a little bit of an off-balance feel the way the design seems to blur at points, and the eye is very pretty in its sparse design.

3. Sucker Punch: Grade C+

The washed out greens and grays are great, along with the off-center title. I usually rail against a lot of clutter, but here it has purpose and gives one an idea of the many layers and textures that appear to be in the films visual design. My love of Emily Browning and Abbie Cornish helps too.

4. Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Grade C

The weakest poster of the week is still has a fun element, and that is the simple illustration in the background.

5. The Fighter: Grade C+

It almost looks like it was thrown together by a fan, but there is an intimate nuance to this poster that makes it pretty good.

6. Happy Thank You More Please: Grade C

The color is really good, and the design, for the most part, is great, but if there is one thing I really hate, is the random shots from the film just kind of thrown in there for no apparent reason. It looks ugly, and seems to have no real purpose. There is a poster later in the round up that does something similar, but does it with a little more attention to detail.

7. Red Riding Hood: Grade C

This poster has snow, splashes of red, and a beautiful woman, but why is it still quite boring?

8. Vidal Sassoon The Movie: Grade A

A very sexy chic’ poster with some French New Wave hints. Here is a case where I love the snap shots projected onto the model’s hair. It gives one little glimpses into a life.

9. I Saw The Devil: Grade A

There is something gorgeous and unsettling about this poster in its simple design. I love the red (obviously) and the text has a creepy detail to it.

10. Hobo With a Shotgung: Grade A+

How could I not make this the Poster of The Week. The violent, absurd, chaos is fascinating and oddly beautiful. This poster is hilarious, and perfect.

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