Tuesday Poster round up

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1. Jackass 3D: Grade B

Yes, Jackass 3D has a great poster. The best part about this poster is the randomness of the image. It doesn’t try to force anything down our throats. It simply presents a random silly image with a clever design.

2. Mother and Child: Grade C

The usage of color in this poster is its strong point. It has a soft, delicate feel to it, but its downfall is the images crammed into it, particularly the images of Jimmy Smits, Kerry Washington and Annette Benning. We know they are in the film, we can read their names. Why clutter the poster with their images?

3. Client 9: Grade C

Given the premise of the film, this poster feels a little silly. Elliot Spitzer’s intense giant head dominates a little more of the poster then maybe it should in order to be taken seriously, and are they really glamorizing him? However, it does have a dark and sexy feel, which counteracts the inherent silliness.

4. Le Petits Mouchoir: Grade C-

I’m all about color this week, and here we have another poster that uses it well. Yes, the shade of yellow is a little ugly, but it’s different, and catches the eye. But, the poster breaks away from unconventional design and falls back on tired usage of floating heads, and the whole “broken glass” routine, because obviously the characters are all fractured?

5. Paranormal Activity 2: Grade D

There isn’t much going on here. It feels like it was thrown together rather quickly simply to promote the “Demand it” feature.

6. Due Date: Grade F

I really wish posters for comedies would get away from this tired and, now redundant, type of poster, where we have a very blunt head shot of one of the film’s stars making a silly face. Though in the past I have given some posters of this type, decent grades, it does not mean it isn’t getting boring and lazy. Is there no other way to promote a Hollywood comedy?

7. Ghetto Physics: Grade B

I have no idea what this film is about, but this poster makes me want to see it. This poster serves its purpose well, with provocative imagery, good taglines, and a stark, but strong design.

8. Picture Me: Grade D

It is a bad thing when the poster within the poster is far better than the whole. The poster in the background is quite beautiful. Yes, the title of the film and the critic blurb is on that poster, so it isn’t exactly forgotten, but why not just use that?

9. Who is Harry Nilsson: Grade A

I wish I could have had a co-poster of the week this week, but I don’t work like that, so this is the runner-up. It is a great candid shot, very stylized and in the moment. It also has a retro feel with the use of color, and the very 70’s bubble lettering.

10. Douchebag: Grade A+

When I first read the title of this film I laughed, then I looked at the poster I laughed a little more. I am a sucker for a good hand illustrated poster, and this one is more quirky and charming than most any of them. The colors have a subtle prettiness to them, and the scribbly, awkward illustrations keep one a little off balance.

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