Tumblr Round-Up: ‘Avengers’ – Hitchcock – ‘Drive’ – ‘Dark Shadows’ – ‘A Fantastic Fear of Everything’ and more

The Tumblr round-up is a compilation of images, links, posters, stories, videos and so on, taken from the Sound On Sight Tumblr account. We simply do not have the man power nor time to write articles on every interesting movie related goody we find, so this is our way of still promoting some of the stuff we love.

If you have any interesting items that you think we should plug, please email us at admin@popoptiq.com


The Smile in the Mirror, by Ethan Graham Peacock

Avengers Assemble !

Drive poster  by Joel Amat Güell

The Hitchcock Collection by Adam Armstrong

Here is the Mondo poster for Dark Shadows by artist Ghostco (aka Matthew Woodson).

Snatch poster by I Imagine, I Believe

Trainspotting poster by 3ftDeep

Here is a poster for one of my favorite French films, Band of Outsiders by director Jean-Luc Godard

A poster for A Fantastic Fear of Everything, by finknottle

Here is a great poster for the film The Wizard, by Florey

Check out this wicked poster for Cabin In The Woods by Scott Hopko – www.hopkodesigns.com

A bunch of the members of the SOS crew got together recently to celebrate Simon Howell’s “Goodbye Montreal” party.

Here is a video explaining how they made the special effects for The Avengers.

[vsw id=”j62PuN_PIaY” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”425″ autoplay=”no”]



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