Tumblr Round-Up: ‘Pulp Fiction’ – ‘Heathers’ – French Poster Art – Alfred Hitchcock – ‘Moonrise Kingdom’

The Tumblr round-up is a compilation of images, links, posters, stories, videos and so on, taken from the Sound On Sight Tumblr account. We simply do not have the man power nor time to write articles on every interesting movie related goody we find, so this is our way of still promoting some of the stuff we love.

If you have any interesting items that you think we should plug, please email us at admin@popoptiq.com


Pulp Fiction poster by The company of wolves

The following photo set perfectly captures my personal confusion with the ending of Titanic

Via theinturnet

The Social Network poster by Tim Masterson

Heathers poster by Adam Juresko

Alain Bossuyt’s posters for Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, Spy Who Loved Me, Soylent Green, Duel and Live and Let DiePsycho, Spy Who Loved Me, Soylent Green, Duel and Live and Let Die

I don’t know what the actual original source is for the following design, but it is amazing. If you know, please send over the info.

Where is Alfred Hitchcock

Alain Bossuyt‘s poster for Them

Here are seven amazing images for Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom

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