Tumblr Round-Up: ‘The Raid’ Video Game – ‘Pulp Fiction’ Animated Short – ‘Hunger Games’ Posters and more

The Tumblr round-up is a compilation of images, links, posters, stories, videos and so on, taken from the Sound On Sight Tumblr account. We simply do not have the man power nor time to write articles on every interesting movie related goody we find, so this is our way of still promoting some of the stuff we love.

If you have any interesting items that you think we should plug, please email us at admin@popoptiq.com


Check out this poster for Oldboy by Travis Harvey

Check out this fan-made video game for The Raid. Here is what the creators had to say on their YouTube channel.

The 1st time we watch the trailer of The Raid : Redemption it was mind blowing, so as fans we would like to present this Game Tribute as a token of appreciation to the filmmakers for creating an awesome movie, even though we haven’t saw the movie, we know that this movie is gonna be spectacular :D

This Game was created using unity3d and based on The Hallway Fighting Scene that we saw on the trailer.

You can play the game online at http://dh.irisdesain.com/ or http://www.vanadot.com/ or you can download this game offline at http://www.mediafire.com/?4qhbyue8t8me9e9

HISHE created this video titled How Pulp Fiction Should Have Ended. You can find addition info at this link.

For more, go to http://www.howitshouldhaveended.com

Mad Men poster by Måsse Hjeltman

Alien Corset is a great place to find fantastic posters. Here is a Planet Of The Apes Silkscreen Poster

Poster: The Seventh Seal (dir. Ingmar Bergman) 1957

Designed by: Brandon Schaefer



Blade Runner poster designed by Brett Gilbert

For fans of The Hunger Games

Megan Draper (Jessica Paré) sings Zou Bisou Bisou during Don’s (Jon Hamm) ‘surprise’ birthday party.

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