Tumblr Round-up: X-Rated ‘Shame’ Poster, ‘Laugh-A-Lympics’ and more (possibly NSFW)

The Tumblr round-up is a compilation of images, links, posters, stories, videos and so on, taken from the Sound On Sight Tumblr account. We simply do not have the man power nor time to write articles on every interesting movie related goody we find, so this is our way of still promoting some of the stuff we love.

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First take a look at this cum-stained Hungarian poster for Steve McQueen’s Shame (my personal favorite film of 2011).

Here’s a good look back at the Laugh-A-Lympics, the co-headlining segment, with Scooby-Doo, of the package Saturday morning cartoon series Scooby’s All-Star Laff-A-Lympics, produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions. The show was a spoof of the Olympics and the ABC television series Battle of the Network Stars, which debuted one year earlier. It featured 45 Hanna-Barbera characters organized into the teams which would compete each week for gold, silver, and bronze medals.

Martin Scorsese’s Hugo has everyone currently nostalgic for early cinema, specifically that of director Georges Méliès and his 19o2 film Le Voyage dans la Lune. His films went on to inspire countless filmmakers to this day. Here’s an interesting comparison of David Lynch’s Eraserhead to Méliès 1902 masterpiece.

Piper Laurie and Paul Newman in promotional stills for The Hustler

Here’s a beautiful fan-made poster for Tron:Legacy

The Hollywood Reporter recently had a spotlight on Michael Fassbender. The article matches the cover in greatness.

Dave Perillo created this Venture Bros piece for the Adult Swim Gallery1988 art show.

Go Team Venture!”
Size: 18”x24”
Medium: 4 color screenprint on cougar natural 100# cover
signed and numbered edition of 50 • $50.00



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