Two Years of Sound On Sight

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September marks the two year anniversary of Sound On Sight Radio. After 150 episodes we’ve reviewed an estimated 900 films and covered several film festivals, including our personal favorite, Fantasia. As well, we have had the chance to do press work for the Festival Nouveau Cinema, Toronto After Dark and most recently added to our list is the Toronto International Film Festival. It’s safe to say that in the history of film review shows, S.O.S. is most likely the unluckiest of them all. From the first day we have had nothing but a string of bad luck. It started with a changeover in program directors over at CJLO creating a miscommunication that resulted in Sound On Sight (than called The Naked Lunch) without an actual simeslot.We were than offered a slot on a different day but unfortunately my co-host-to-be (Dan Maxham) was not available at the time, thus leaving me to search for the perfect co host while producing the first few shows. Many guest hosts have come and gone though the two years but it took about 25 shows to meet Simon Howell. Simon was the only individual who could keep up with the work load and intense movie watching and our team up won us best talk show that year at CJLO’s Diego Awards. Since than it was uphill but not without a dozen or so extra roadblocks.

We’ve had our web site hacked twice and had it crash three other times due to heavy traffic. My laptop had the misfortune of having a full glass of water spilled on it, short circuiting the PC. The show itself went through several changes in the schedule from a lunch time slot, to a midnight slot, to an afternoon slot and finally to an evening slot. The trickiest part of our voyage has been finding a female co-host. Three different ladies tried it out (Ali, Sophia and Tammy) only to give up on us all too soon. Now two years later we believe we finally found the right addition with Mariko McDonald. Of course we can’t go without mentioning Mr. Al Kratina who week after week provides us with politically incorrect humor breaking all the rules of public radio and leaving us to believe that no one could possibly be listening otherwise we would be fired. Nevertheless, as the saying goes, the show must go on and on and on. With that being said I couldn’t leave without mentioning the names of more than a few people who have supported us in many ways throughout the years.

Sylvain Sirois for is moral support, patience and understanding.

Rene Alby and Alexsander Mosingiewicz for their computer programming expertise.

Myles Dolphin, Bryan White, Madeleine Koestner, Anthony Nicholas, Drew Williamson, Clare Nina Norelli, Lindsay Lafreniere, Eric Hatch, Emmet Duff, Erika Leonard, Nigel Hammid, Al Kratina, Ali McKinnon, Simon Howell, Alma Mendoza,  Derek Gladu, Chrystina Benyo, Detroit Burns and Mariko McDonald for their contributions to the web site’s reviews, news, quizzes, and columns.

Also credit needs to be given to Phou Camvan, A.J. Korkidakis and Jason Allen for their graphic designs.

The entire CJLO crew especially Chris Quinnell, Katie Seline and Brian Joseph.

Also a huge thank you to all my co hosts through out the years; Jason Martineau, Jason Allen, Dan Maxham, Detroit Burns, Derek Gladu, Eduardo Lucatero, Beverly Brown, Tammy, Sophia Linn, Al Kratina, Alma Mendoza, Mariko McDonald, Chrystina Benyo, Aldo Parise and Eric Mendoza.

Finally I can’t go without giving a special thanks to all our listeners especially those of you who tune in week after week.

With the hard work of everyone mentioned above, I truly believe Sound On Sight to be the diamond in the rough. One of the highest quality podcasts waiting patiently for the world to take notice. I look forward to the future and another great year.

Nothing but love,

Ricky D

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    It is a pleasure to write for your site, Ricky. Thanks for the opportunity!

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