25 Different Types of Fashion Accessories for Women

Fashion accessories are used to essentially contribute in some way to the wearer’s outfit. They are designed to complete the whole look and compliment the outfit. Accessories are further used to express the individual’s personality, identity, and personal taste.

These items come in all sorts of colors, shapes, sizes, hues, designs, and materials, which is why they are perfect for any day and outfit. There is a huge variety of fashion accessories available for women that you can use to pair with your outfit. Here are some of the main ones that you can choose from.


HPASS Artsy Style Designer Woman Organizer Handbag Monogram Tote Shoulder Fashion Bag

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Handbags are also called purses in American English. It is a medium-to-large bag which is often used to carry personal items. Originally, a purse was used to refer to small bags that held money but handbags are bigger and can hold all sorts of things. In the early 1900s, the term handbag referred to men’s hand luggage. However, that’s a thing of the past before women’s bags enjoyed the spotlight. Today, there are different styles of handbags that have evolved over time. Some examples may include baguette, clutch, hobo, satchels, shoulder, backpacks, and more.


KCPer Vintage Retro Oval Sunglasses Ellipse Metal Frame Trendy Fashion Shades Eyewear (E)

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Glasses are also called spectacle and are basically frames that have a hard, plastic or glass lens in the middle. This frame holds the lens in front of the eyes while a bridge goes over the ears. Glasses are mostly used for vision correction but can also be used as a fashion accessory.

Sunglasses also allow better vision during daylight and can protect eyes against the damage caused by the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. You can choose different designs of glasses including aviator, bug-eyed, goggles, cat-eye, horn-rimmed, lens-less, rim-less, sunglasses, and more. They are also available in all sorts of shapes, ranging from square, round, ovals, and rectangles to star and heart shapes!


RAINYGO Wallets for women Trifold RFID Blocking Multi Cards Womens Wallet Organizer Clutch

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Wallets are flat, small cases that are often used to carry smaller personal items. This can include credit cards, cash, photographs, identification documents, business cards, or any other types of cards. Wallets are pocket-sized and are typically made of leather since it is a durable material.

Women’s wallets can be a bit bigger though since they are prone to carry them inside handbags, instead of their jeans pockets. The tradition emerged because women only used to wear dresses that had no pockets, to begin with. However, today, while most wallets for women are larger in size, it is possible to find small, pocket-sized wallets as well.


Womens Black Leather Jacket - Asymmetrical Black Womens Leather Jacket | Amber,XS

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Jackets are garments for the upper body that usually have a mid-stomach length. They usually have sleeves and may be fastened in the front or side. They are tighter-fitting and less insulating than coats but can be quite fashionable. Many high-quality jackets are made of leather since it can protect against cold and is a durable material. They come in many styles that you can choose from like blazers, bomber, bolero, fleece, denim, reversible, and more.


Calvin Klein Women's Brady Tobacco Suede 9.5 M US M

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Shoes are footwear that provides comfort and protect the feet. They are also used as a fashion accessory or item of decoration. The design for shoes has changed a lot from culture to culture and through time. There are many different design elements that contribute to shoes such as heel or flats. The modern variety of shoes is found with varying cost, design complexity, and style. You can choose from athletic, casual, dress, heels, pumps, ballet flats, and many others.


Blondo Women's Liam Waterproof Bootie Dark Taupe Suede 8 W US

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Boots are also footwear but they aren’t considered as a specific type of shoe. Boots usually cover the entire foot and ankle while some go even higher to the calf. Others extend as far as the knee or hip. Most boots are designed with a heel that separates at the sole of the boot. Traditionally, boots were made of leather or rubber. However, now, they come in all sorts of materials. They have high functionality since they protect the feet from mud, cold and more, as well as provide ankle support.


Jeff & Aimy Ladies Packable Straw Sunhat UPF 50 with Chin Strap Bowknot Floppy Wide Brim Panama Fedora Beach Sun Hat Size Adjustable Beige 55-58CM

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Hats are head coverings that are often worn for protection against weather, ceremonies like graduations, religious reasons, safety, and as a fashion accessory. Previously, hats were also an indicator of social statuses, like in the military. There are many different styles of hats that are available including baseball caps, beanies, berets, fedora, panama, and many more.


Ladies Skinny Thin Leather Belts For Women Jeans With Silver Pin Alloy Buckle Fashion Waist Belt For Dress Pants Formal Casual

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Belts are flexible straps or bands that are usually made with heavy cloth or leather. They are primarily worn around the waist to prevent the pants from falling down. They have a similar function to garters or suspenders. Most trousers are designed with belt loops around the waist that the belt has to go through. You can also attach different objects to the belt-like purses, phone holder, key chains, camera lens, and others.


Meily(TM) Women's Winter Warm Leather Gloves

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Gloves are a garment designed to cover the hands. However, fingerless gloves have also been invented. Gloves usually have separate openings or sheaths for the thumb and each finger.  They are designed to protect hands from extreme temperatures, friction, disease, cuts or chemicals. Gloves can be made from all sorts of materials including felted or knitted wool, leather, cloth, metal, latex, silk, rubber, and more.

Top-Grain Cowhide Leather Chopper Mitts, Sherpa Lined Mitten Glove (Xl Womens/Med to Large Mens)

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Gloves that cover the entire hand but don’t have different sheaths for fingers are called mittens. Mittens are warmer than gloves even if they are made with the same material. This is because fingers maintain warmth more efficiently when they are in contact with each other. There are three main types of mittens: idiot, gunner’s, and scratch.


JYJ Women's Layered Pendant Necklace Multilayered Choker Necklace Round Bar Long Necklaces Y Strands (Silver-Round bar)

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Necklaces are a fashion accessory that is worn around the neck. They were one of the first types of adornments worn by humans. They can be used as symbols of status and wealth or for religious, funerary, ceremonial purposes. The main element of the necklace is the cord, the chain, or band that is wraps or dangles loosely around the neck. This can be made from metals like gold, silver, copper, and platinum or plastic, cloth, and other materials.

Necklaces also have other attachments that are inserted or suspended from the band. This can include lockets, pendants, amulets, crosses and other precious gems like emeralds, sapphires, rubies, pearls, and diamonds. Some types of necklaces that you can choose from include chokers, matinee, opera, rope, or lariat.


Ross-Simons 18kt Yellow Gold Wheat-Link Bracelet

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A bracelet is a piece of jewelry that is worn around the wrist. They are mostly ornamental but can serve different uses as well. Identity or medical information is often marked on bracelets including allergy tags or patient identification. Bracelets can also cater to religious and culture proposes or even to certain phenomena like breast cancer awareness. They can be made from different materials including cloth, plastic, bead, metal, leather, or any other materials.


Timex Women's Easy Reader Date Expansion Band Watch

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Watches are timepieces that can be carried or worn. Wristwatches are often made with a band, strap or other types of bracelets so that it can be worn around the wrist. Pocket watches, on the other hand, are carried in the pocket but are rarely worn by people anymore.

Throughout history, we have used mechanical drives that are powered by oscillating balance wheels, clockworks, or winding mechanisms. In the 1960s, a better version called the electronic quartz watch was invented, which subsequently took over the market.

Modern watches are designed with multiple functions including the calendar, torches lights, alarms, calculators, Bluetooth, heart monitoring, radio, and more. Smart watches can even take calls, download apps, connect to the Wi-Fi and do a lot more!

Most watches are quite inexpensive but many well-known brands design more expensive collectible watches that are valued for their craftsmanship, designs, and aesthetics. The most expensive watch ever was sold for $24 million in 2014.


Sash Belt/Hair tie/Scarf Black Georgette

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Sashes are large, colorful bands of material or ribbons that are worn around the body. They can drape from one shoulder to the opposite hip or just wrap around the waist. Sashes on the waist can be worn for casual attire but sashes which go from shoulder to hip are usually reserved for ceremonies.


Fashmina Original Paisley Pashmina Shawl Scarf

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Shawls are simple items of clothing that are draped loosely over the shoulder and upper body. It can also be worn over the head. The name shawl comes from a mixture of Persian and Urdu language written as ‘شال‎’. It is usually a square or rectangular cloth that comes in all sorts of fabrics and designs. Often, shawls are hand-stitched and have intricate designs on them but can also be large patterns and images.

The most famous shawls in the world are made in Kashmir where Ladakhi Kashmiri goats’ wool was used to design the first pashmina shawl. The Kanikar Kashmiri shawls have really intricate designs that resemble scenes of nature. Scenes like chenar leaves, cherry blossoms, apple trees, roses, almonds, pears, tulips, and nightingales are often stitched in dark red, gold, yellow, brown, and maroon. Jamivar Kashmiri shawls are made with pure wool or, sometimes, with a little added cotton.


GERINLY Rose Blossom Print Scarf for Women Cozy Shwal Wrap -Various Colors (RoseBlue)

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Scarves are a type of fabric that is worn around the neck. This can be for sun protection, warmth, fashion, religion, or cleanliness. They are made from all sorts of fabrics including cotton, linen, and wool.

Scarves have been worn throughout history since ancient times. In Ancient Rome, a garment called the sudarium or focale was used to keep clean rather than warm. They were originally worn by men but became a really popular fashion accessory for men and women in the 19th century.


Chalier 5 Pairs Womens Famous Painting Art Printed Funny Casual Cotton Crew Socks, Art Painting B, Fits shoe size, mens 5-10, womens 6-11

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Socks are an item of clothing that is worn on the feet. It often covers the ankle and can even go up to the calf. Socks are worn with some type of shoe or boot over them. Initially, they were made using matted animal hair. However, during the 16th century, machine-knit socks started to become popular.

One of the main purposes for socks is to absorb perspiration since feet are the heaviest producers of sweat in the human body. Socks are designed to absorb this perspiration and let it evaporate into the air. In colder climates, socks are also used to insulate the foot and protect against frostbite.

They come in a myriad of patterns and colors which is why they have recently become highly popular as fashion items. There are many types of socks that you can use to complete your outfit including tights, athletic dress or trouser, leg warmers, liner, and slipper socks.

Lapel Pins

Jim Clift Design Quill Gold Lapel Pin - 25 Count

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Lapel pins are also called enamel pins in a lot of places. They are small pins that are made to be pinned on different clothing like jackets, bags, scarves, or other materials. They are usually ornamental but can also be designed to indicate the user’s affiliation with a cause or organization. Lapel pins are often used in many organizations to identify belonging and achievements like lapel pins in the military.

In recent years, pin trading and collecting have also emerged as a popular hobby. Demands have increased for fandom related pins like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, the Marvel Universe, Stars Wars, Disney, and many others.


Ross-Simons Sterling Silver Small Byzantine Hoop Earrings

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Earrings are jewelry that is worn on a piercing on any part of the external ear. Earrings are worn by everyone but are most common for women who have been using it for centuries now. Different locations to wear the earring include the earlobe, tragus, helix, rook, daith, conch, and others. Ear piercings usually refer to the earlobe while piercings on the upper ear are called cartilage piercings.

Earrings can be made from a number of materials including beads, wood, bone, precious stone, plastics, metal, and glass. They also have many different styles including studs, loops, hoops, barbells, and more.

Nose Rings

Tunsun 1PC Stainless Steel Moon Nose Ring Hoop Indian Nose Ring Septum Ring Nose Jewelry Nose Piercing Small Nose Hoop (Gold, 10mm)

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Nose piercings have a really long history. In 1500 BCE, Lakshmi wore nose rings according to the Hindu book called Vedas. The modern practice of nose rings in India has been estimated to come from the Middle Eastern nomadic tribes that traveled the trade routes in the 16th century. Customs in Indian Hindu culture include that women of childbearing age wear a nose stud in their left nostril.

Nose rings and pins can be made from substances like metal, plastic, and even glass. They come in unique designs and colors. Some are even studded with precious stones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, etc.


Sterling Silver Diamond Band Ring (1/20 cttw, I-J Color, I2-I3 Clarity)

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Rings are round bands that are worn as ornamental jewelry and are made out of metal, wood, stone, glass, bone, plastic, gemstones or any hard material. Usually, when people say ‘ring’ they mean finger rings but if they are worn in other places then the body part is usually specified. Rings are designed to fit snugly on the finger. They may gemstones set inside the band including emeralds, sapphires, rubies, diamonds, or other stones and glass.

Rings are mainly worn as ornaments or as displays of wealth. They also play symbolic roles in relation to memberships to organizations, marriage, authority, ancestry, achievements, and other such phenomena. Rings can also be turned into an insignia that is compatible with wax seals or even have a small compartment to conceal things. In fiction, fable, and myths, rings are often endowed with supernatural, magical or spiritual significance.


Egmy Clearance ❤️ Women Yoga Sport Elastic Floral Hair Band Headband Turban Twisted Knotted (Black)

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Bandanas are a kind of large colorful kerchief that is worn on the head or neck. They originate from the Indian subcontinent and come in printed paisley patterns. Many hold back hair and are used as fashion accessories.

They are brightly colored kerchiefs that are made of cotton and silk. The silk styles are often made of fine quality yarns and have been really popular. In Glasgow, bandanas were made from cotton yarns and are now made with lots of different quality grades.

Head Bands

2 Pcs Headbands for Women Boho Floal Style Criss Cross Head Wrap Hair Band (Navy & Beige) ¡­

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Headbands are a clothing fashion accessory that is worn in the hair or around the forehead. Their main function is to hold the hair away from the eyes or face. Headbands are usually horseshoe-shape pieces of flexible metal or plastic. It can also be a loop of elastic material that goes all the way around the hair. Headbands come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, designs, and colors. Sometimes they also have some attachments like bows or sequins.


TopTie 2 PCS Lace Umbrellas Parasol Wedding Bridal Photograph Decoration Costume Accessories

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Parasols are commonly known as umbrellas. It is a folding canopy supported by metal or wooden ribs. The canopy and supportive ribs are mounted on a plastic, metal or wooden pole. The main function is to provide a person with protection from sunlight or rain but it is also used for ornamental purposes to complete outfits.

Parasols are more decorative since they aren’t waterproof. On the other hand, umbrellas are made with flexible plastic or fabric.

Parasols can also be really huge like golf umbrellas. They are either operated manually or have a spring system which opens the umbrella when the button is pressed. Many hand-held umbrellas are designed with a handle of some kind, usually made of plastic, wood, or cane-line crook handle. They come in all sorts of quality and price points – it depends on the material, designer, and craftsmanship. The most expensive umbrella is for $50,000 and is made of crocodile skin.

Hand Fans

Luna Bazaar Cotton Lace Hand Fan (10-Inch, White) - in The Style of Chinese, Japanese, Spanish Fans - for Personal Use, Weddings, and Events

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A handheld fan is a flat, broad surface that can be waved back and forth to create airflow. Generally, handheld fans are made of thin material like feathers and paper and are shaped like a semi-circle. The material is mounted on slats that revolve around a pivot, which allows the fan to close when it was not in use. Hand fans are designed to increase evaporation on human skin for a cool effect. In fact, they are the most convenient item to carry around to stay cool.

Rigid hand screen fans were designed as decorative objects among the elites in history. They were mostly used by women to shield their face against the glare of a fire or the sun. They became popular as fashion accessories when Portuguese traders bought them from Japan and China in the 16th century. They were particularly popular in Spain where flamenco dancers were known to use the fan. Even modern European brands have designed modern versions so that they can work with modern fashion trends.


Bridal fur hand muff, Ivory wedding fur warmer, Large for Adult

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Muffs are a fashion accessory that is often used for outdoor events. They are cylinders of fabric and fur which is open at both ends. The main purpose is to keep hands warm. However, over time, muffs evolved as a fashion accessory.

They were introduced as part of women’s fashion in the 16th century and were worn by all genders during the 17th and 18th century. In the 20th century, muffs have fallen a bit out of fashion and are only used by women in England.

Black woman wearing fashion accessories.

Fashion has evolved a lot through the ages but many accessories have remained the same. Their designs, colors, patterns, or materials may have changed but the essence of their marksmanship has stayed the same. They have been part of human clothing and experience since thousands of years and hold a special significance.

Fashion accessories in the modern world have changed a lot but their target is the same. They are still designed to complete the outfit according to your personal tastes and will continue to do so for the centuries to come!

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