15 Types of Footwear for Men and Women

Pairs of unisex footwear

When it comes to footwear, it is not just a necessity, but also a way to showcase your personal identity. Your choice in footwear tells a lot about your personality – are you fun or funky? Are you adventurous or safe? Whether you are a man or a woman, shoes are something that you can’t live without. A good pair of shoes is not only comfortable but also durable. They make you feel confident and smart.

Are you planning to buy some new footwear? There are so many choices that it is easy to get confused and overwhelmed. Worry not, because we are here to solve that problem for you.

In this blog post, we will tell about the different types of footwear for both men and women. You can go through the different types and choose which style suits you best.

Unisex Footwear

We have heels for women and oxfords for men. But there are some shoes that look perfect on both men and women. No matter what your gender is, these shoes don’t pick any sides! Jokes aside, the following are the types of footwear that every woman and man should have in their closet:

1. Sneakers

Lacoste Women's Carnaby EVO Sneaker, Grey/Off White, 8 Medium US

Sneakers are like the comfort food we all crave for. This lightweight and simple footwear are a must-have for everyone. They are not only comfortable but also go with every look. There are so many colors and patterns available that you can find a match for your every outfit. If you are planning on exploring the city and looking for a comfy pair of shoes, then sneakers are the way to go.

Are you planning a lazy weekend? Sneakers will help you achieve that.

2. Boots

Adidas GSG 9.3 Military Boots UK 5 Sand

Boots are not only classy but stylish as well. They portray a regal style that suits everyone. No matter what you are wearing – tailored trousers, a denim skirt, or jeans, boots go with every look. There are different types of boots like ankle boots, calf boots, military boots, leather boots, and hiking boots.

Boots are best for travel or in a job where you have to walk a lot.

3. Flip-flops

Old Navy Women Beach Summer Casual Flip Flop Sandals (9, Salmon)

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we say the beach? Yes, it’s flip-flops! They are the perfect beach accessory that you can ask for. Flip-flops are comfy, stylish, and available in every color and pattern.

Flip-flops are the ultimate footwear for the summer season. Flip-flops are versatile and easy to manage. Not to mention the fact that you will not have to spend hours trying to get the sand out of them. Flip-flops are a popular choice of footwear for men, women, and children alike.

4. Slippers

SOREL Men's Falcon Ridge Slipper, Quarry/Black, 13 M US

Everyone needs a pair of comfy slippers to roam around in when you are in the house. Actually, you need two pairs – one for the summer and one for winters.

The summer ones could be furry, adorable, and comfy. While the winter one should have padding to keep your feet warm and cozy when you get out of your warm and comfy bed.

There are leather slippers available as well if you are looking for something more luxurious.

5. Crocs

Crocs Men's and Women's Classic Fuzz Lined Clog Shoe | Great Indoor or Outdoor Warm and Fuzzy Slipper Option

If you are looking for footwear that is comfy and warm, then look no more because Crocs are the perfect fit for you. This amazing footwear is very popular among both men and women who want both comfort and style at the same time.

A lot of people believe Crocs to be indoor shoes. The truth is, you can wear these amazing shoes outside too. This footwear is very popular among travel enthusiasts as they need comfy shoes during their hectic days.

Crocs come in different colors and patterns, making it easy for you to match them to your outfit. The Crocs brand is known for its amazing quality. And let’s face it, crocs are a classic and deserve a space in everyone’s closet.

6. Cleats

NIKE Tiempo Mystic III FG Womens Leather Soccer Cleats-Black-8

If you enjoy playing sports, especially soccer, then you need to invest in some cleats. A lot of people wear their sneakers or joggers, but that is not right. Sure, they provide your feet with comfort, but cleats go one step further than that. It not only gives your feet the comfort it needs, but it also provides you with stability and speed. There will be no missed goals when you are playing soccer wearing your brand-new cleats. Cleats give you the much-needed traction on the soccer ground and will help you get the MVP award.

There are different brands that offer different colors for cleats. You can go for something funky that will make you stand out in the pitch.

7. Sandals

Gold Pigeon Shoes GP5937 Snap Lock Sandal: 7643 Black Blue, EU41

Another popular form of footwear among both men and women are sandals. They are not only stylish but also very comfortable. Not to mention they go with just about everything casual. Whether you are wearing jeans or shorts, maxi dress or tailored trousers, sandals look gorgeous on everything.

Sandals are perfect for the summer season as they let your feet breathe. They also make great vacation footwear as they are comfortable and easy to slip on and off. Sandals come in different colors and styles for both men and women.

8. Clogs

crocs Women's Neria Pro II Graphic Clog W Shoe, black/multi, W5 M US

Clogs and Crocs are cousins of a sort. Just like its cousin, clogs are very comfortable to wear and are perfect for people who have demanding jobs that require you to stay on your feet most of the time. Clogs are very famous among nurses and doctors, as they are easily removable.

Clogs also come in different colors and patterns.

The look of your outfit depends on the shoes that you wear. If you wear the wrong shoes, the style you are trying to pull will go down the drain and your hard work will go in vain. That is why it is important that you have one pair of each of the above-mentioned footwear to make sure your look is always flawless. So, what are you waiting for? Pull out your credit card, we are going shopping!

Types of Footwear for Women
Girl surrounded by shoes

See all types of shoes for women here.

If there is one thing that is constant about every woman, it is this – they all love shoes. A good pair of shoes can make you feel like the prettiest girl at the party. It can also make you feel like the empowered woman that you are.

When it comes to women and footwear, there is no such thing is one perfect pair. You need something dazzling and amazing for all your occasions.

Following are the different types of footwear all women should have in their closet:

1. Heels

Valentino Garavani Women's High Heel Strappy Shoes US 9 IT 40;

Heels are the pride and joy of every woman’s closet. A great pair of heels Provide you with a perfect blend of confidence and extravagance. Heels are usually worn in weddings, parties, or formal outings. They can also be worn for a business meeting or office.

There are different types and colors of heels that fit every occasion. Some of the most popular types include kitten heels, pumps, wedge heels, platform heels, and many more.

2. Stilettos

onlymaker Women's Sexy Pointed Toe High Heel Slip On Stiletto Pumps Large Size Basic Shoes Black Suede 11 M US

Stilettos are also very popular among women. Almost all women have at least one pair of stilettos in their closets. It has a narrow and long heel that looks very smart in both casual and formal gatherings. There are different colors available, but the most popular ones are the black stilettos. They give an illusion of power and mystique.

If you don’t have a pair, it is time for you to invest in them. Trust us, you will thank us later. They are not only amazing but also high-fashion. You will feel like a runway model when you wear your brand new stilettos.

3. Slingbacks

Sam Edelman Women's Hastings Pump, Black, 4.5 Medium US

If you are looking for high heels that are designed to be worn for long periods of time, then slingbacks are a great choice for you. Many professionals – like real estate agents – spend their days standing and walking around. They are always looking for footwear that is not only comfortable but also stylish and formal. Slingbacks come in different colors and are secured by a strap on the back.

4. Ballet Flats

CIOR Women Ballet Flats Classy Simple Casual Slip-on Comfort Walking Shoes from Merence,NudeMicro,234,5.5M

Ballet flats are pretty, easy to manage, and are perfect for everyday use. They are a must-have for every girl for casual occasions. Ballet flats scream comfort and style at the same time. There are so many different colors and prints available that you will just want to buy them all. You can get the classic colors like black, white, and nude, or go for something more quirky and bright.

These shoes are perfect for long shopping trips where you might have to try different shoes on as they are easy to slip on and off.

Types of Footwear for Men
Shoes for men

Just like women, there are some shoes that are specially designed for men. They help complete your look and give you confidence and elegance at the same time.

The following are the different types of footwear available and used by men:

1. Oxford

CLARKS Men's Tilden Plain II Oxford, Black Leather, 090 W US

Oxford is the most common formal shoes in men’s footwear. Oxfords are closed lacing, meaning they have shoelace eyelets. They are usually worn by men who work in an office setting. You can also wear oxfords with casual clothing as well.

If you want a regal and sophisticated look, you can never go wrong with Oxfords. They are comfortable and stylish at the same time.

2. Bluchers (Derbys)

Escaro New York Genuine Leather Formal Derby Shoes for Men Black

Bluchers are similar to oxfords, but different in a way that they are open lacing. They are also characterized as formal footwear but can be worn casually too. They come in different colors like black, brown, and tan and can be teamed with chinos, jeans, and suits alike.

3. Loafers

Cole Haan Men's Howland Penny Loafer, Saddle Tan, 11 M US

If you are looking for an “all eyes on you” look, then you should invest in a pair of loafers. They offer you a more laid-back business casual look. If you want a no-hassle pair of shoes, then loafers are the perfect choice for you. You can just slip them on and be on your way in seconds. Say goodbye hassles with laces, loafers are here to save the day.

See all types of dress shoes for men here.


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