22 Different Types of Hair Extensions

Hairdresser applying hair extensions to blonde client

Hair extensions have been used since when Egypt was a powerhouse … I’m talking before the Roman Empire.

Nobody would want to stay with bad hair, especially if there are a wide variety of alternatives from which you can select. Bad hair days are now a thing of the past. We are going to discuss or rather focus more on different hair extensions depending on their quality and prices.

You will be the final decision maker of which one you think should be termed as the best. The main reason as to why some people use hair extensions is to make their hair appear much longer than they are. Either made of natural or synthetic hair, part of the reason why people use hair extensions to add extra length to your hair. Some of these hair extensions include.


Real Hair

Different colors of real human hair used for wigs.

When you buy hair extensions that are made with real hair, then you will enjoy the fact that your extensions have the same feel, texture, and even shade as your natural hair does. It’s possible to get extensions made from real human hair that will perfectly match your existing hair and blend in naturally.

These extensions can generally be used for up to 6 months before they will become so damaged that they need to be replaced. Because you can use your normal hair care products on your real hair extensions and can style them without worrying about the heat of your curling iron or blow dryer damaging them, it’s easy to make them look like they are part of your natural hair.

Real extensions will act just the way your natural hair does – which means that you may have to fight frizz, deal with flat locks if they get wet because of the weather, and style them each day with the rest of your hair. One added benefit of these extensions is that if you do not like the color of your hair and want to dye it then you can easily treat your extensions as well, and they will take the color just like your natural hair will.

However, if you are going to be buying extensions that are made from real hair, then you need to make sure that you have a large enough budget, as they will be much more expensive than ones that are made from synthetic hair.

Sono 1 Count 155g 18’ Solo Straight 100% Human Extension

Human hair extensions, 27 strawberry blonde.

By selecting this hair extension, it will bring out a dark chestnut and close to medium ash look to your magnificent hair. This hair extension can stay in your head for a very long time without losing its beauty. The process involved to install this hair extension is straightforward to grasp. Interestingly, it comprises an adjustable microfilm wire. This extension comes in around ten colors, and you can easily purchase them at Amazon.

Uniwigs 100 % Brazilian Remy Human Hair 3 Bundles

Brazilian remy human hair weft.

This is an authentic virgin type of human hair extension whose color is unprocessed and can blend with your natural hair without too much effort. It is tough for this hair extension to shed as it is neatly and tightly placed. In addition to this, you can dye and restyle at any given time to keep you glowing at all time. You can find this straight hair straight from Amazon.

Sono 1 Count 160g 20’’ Clip- in Straight 100% Human Hair Extensions

Clip-in straight sono 1 count 100% human hair extensions, dark brown.

In most cases, this hair extension is dark brown. Once you have it in dark brown, you do not have any long-term commitment to main its color because once it is done, you don’t have to redo it again. Aside from dark brown, this hair extension comes in a variety of 11 different colors. Once you have acquired it, it is always ready for use at any given time. You can easily find this type of hair collection at Amazon.

Star Show Malaysian Curly Human Hair Extension

Human hair bundles with closure ear to ear.

In case you are going for a wavy look, this is the best type of hair extension at which you should be aiming.The hair extension will give you a classy look. The hair extension is available in other different sizes. This hair extension can be dyed and bleached for you to get that look you are aiming at since it is mostly human hair in nature. The best place to get this hair extension is at Amazon.

Tressecret Remy Human Hair Clip-in Extensions

Tressecret remy human hair clip-in seven piece extension, golden brown.

This is a type of extension of hair that will give you an opportunity to experiment with hair colors without having to damage your natural hair. There are around 24 other color options you can select from. This hair extension requires your natural hair to be at least 4 inches for you to use it. You can purchase this hair extension at Amazon.

Satin Strands I-Tip Fusion Jamaican Spice 18-inch Human Hair Extension

Satin strands i-tips fusion Jamaican spice 18 inch human hair extensions.

This human hair extension has the color of a Jamaican spice and its quality if on top. These hair extensions are set explicitly for short and thin hair although anyone can use it. There are different colors available for this extension from which you can select. This human. In addition to that, you can buy them at Sally Beauty.

Synthetic Hair

Different colors of synthetic hair used for wigs.

Synthetic hair extensions respond very differently to care than ones made of real hairdo, but they are still a great option for a lot of people. Synthetic hair will not match natural hair the way that extensions made from real hair will. This means that they will generally have a different color to them, and the texture will not be perfectly matched. Additionally, when you buy synthetic extensions, you have to make sure that you are buying ones that are high-quality, or you will be dealing with extensions that are brittle, obviously fake, and difficult to take care of.

No matter how well you take care of your synthetic hair extensions, they will not have as long of a lifespan as real hair extensions will. They will begin to frizz and fray after you have washed them a few times, and they can’t be washed and treated with the same hair products as your natural hair, which means that taking care of them is more time-consuming.

These hair extensions are a lot harder to style, as you can’t apply heat to them without damaging them. This means that you are unable to use a straightener, curling iron, or blow dryer to get the extensions styled the way you want them. Additionally, they can’t be colored, so the type of extension that you choose is what you are going to be wearing.

However, due to the way that they are made, you can wear your new synthetic hair extensions right away without having to worry about styling them when you first get them. They are made so that they retain wave, curl, and volume without falling flat, no matter the weather. Taking care of your synthetic hair extensions takes a lot more time and effort, and you need to make sure that you use the right products when caring for them, such as a very soft-bristled brush so that you don’t accidentally damage them.

Rogue 18’’ Ombre Slip-on Synthetic Hair Extensions

Ombre slip-on hair extensions.

This hair extension is the synthetic in nature, and it is best if you want to pull out an Indian look. It is the perfect choice when it comes to styling because it is long. This hair extension comes in a variety of 6 colors and out can get them from Amazon.


Strand by Strand

VeSunny 18inch 50 Strands Micro Beads Hair Extensions Human Hair Color #2 Darkest Brown Micro Loop Extensions 1g/strand 50g Per Pack

Click for price

This type of hair extension will have between 20 and 40 strands in each extension that is going to be attached to your hair. They are attached to very small sections of natural hair by a few different methods. These hair extensions tend to be very expensive because of how they are attached to the natural hair, as well as how long they take to apply. They are great for people who have very coarse or thick hair, and the extensions themselves can last for a very long time, as long as they are properly maintained.

Not only do they take a long time to attach to your hair, but they also take a long time to remove and can be very painful if you do not work with a skilled and reputable hair stylish. The attachment points in your hair are often uncomfortable, which can take some getting used to. Additionally, the hair is generally not reusable, which will add to the overall expense of this type of hair extension. Correct maintenance is required so that the strands do not clump together, which can create a very unattractive appearance and require the extensions to be removed and replaced by a professional.

Wefted Panels

Wefted panels hair extension

Click for price

Wefts of hair are attachments that have a lot of hair attached at one end, with the other ends of the extensions hanging freely. They can vary in size from very small to incredibly long, and they are applied in a number of different ways, including taped, sewn-in, or glued. While they are not as durable and long-lasting as strand by strand extensions, they will last for a long time when they are cared for properly, and many people prefer them because they are not such a huge commitment, as they can be easily removed.

Some wefted panels need to be attached to your hair by a professional, while others, like clip-ins, can be done at home, which is a great way to add length and volume to your hair if you need to be able to style it for a special event, but you don’t want to commit to having expensive extensions put in.

Attachment Method

Clip In

Clip in hair extension

This is one of the fastest and easiest types of hair extension to use, especially if you want to be able to change up your hairstyle on your own without going and having a professional work on your hair. The extensions come with a silicone or fabric base where the strands of hair are gathered together and are attached to a clip. This clip makes it easy to attach the extension itself to your natural hair, and they are very easy to open and to close on your own.

This type of hair extension is not at all permanent, as you can easily remove them and put them back in your hair whenever you want. While some types of hair extensions take a very long time to put in and need to be completed by a professional, which will increase your time commitment and your overall cost for your new hair, clip in hair extensions can be put in at home and generally only take about 10 minutes to do on your own.

They don’t cause any damage to your hair, which makes them very popular with people who are worried about damaging their hair or committing fully to a style that they aren’t sure they will like in the future.

Depending on how well you take care of these extensions, they can last for months without needing to be replaced. They only need to be washed when the product has built-up in them, which can be around every 15 wears, and this will help to extend the life of the extension. Another reason they tend to last so long is that they are not always worn every day, but they are a great option if you want to style your hair for a special event and need to have more length or volume.

Hair Wear Hairdo 22’’ Straight Clip- in Hair Extension

Hairdo 22 straight clip-in hair extensions.

In most cases, this hair extension is ginger blonde in color. It is well known as the best clip – in hair extension and is even more perfect if your hair is blonde. There is no place you cannot rock in this extension because you will stand out in any home or occasion you are in. The quality of this hair extension lies in its length and volume. It natural looking tone has a wide range. You can quickly get your pick at Dermstore, and if professionally put, it brings out a whole new you with an effortless process.

Hairdo 23’’ Wavy Clip in Extension

Vibralite synthetic clip-in extension, wavy, buttered toast.

This type of hair extension ranges in a variety of different colors from which you can select. It is straightforward for someone to confuse this hair extension with your natural hairs. The process of installing this clip in hair extension is straightforward. The one-piece extension pack includes its length, volume and outstanding in one hair extension. All this whole package will give you something close to perfection. The best place you can get this product is at Ultra beauty.

Tape In or Glue In

Tape In hair extension

These extensions have the hair that is gathered together at the base of the extension and then attached. The base may have an area that is pre-taped so that you can easily attach them to your roots, while others need to have a bit of glue added to the weft for correct attachment. Generally, it is a good idea to visit a stylist who has experience with tape in extensions, as they need to make sure that the extensions are aligned perfectly with the roots of your hair.

The tape or glue is then heated with a special tool that will activate the tape so that the extensions do not fall out of your hair. When you are ready to have your extensions removed, then it is important to see a professional, as they will be able to use a glue remover to remove the extensions for you without you accidentally damaging your hair trying to get them out. The process can take around an hour to have your extensions put in or removed. As your hair grows out, you will need to have your extensions placed up by the roots again for the best possible appearance. As long as your extensions remain in good condition, you should be able to use them more than once.

It’s important that you are very careful with your tape in extensions, as any hair products can cause the tape to slip off of your hair. For this reason, you will be given a special shampoo to use and will have to use different styling products that won’t be as harsh on your hair and on the tape so that the extensions will remain in place. They generally will last between 4 and 8 weeks before they need to be removed and adjusted, but people who have hair that grows significantly faster may need to move them earlier than that to keep their hairstyle looking the best that it can.

Sewn In

Sewn In hair extension

One of the more difficult and permanent types of hair extensions are ones that are sewn into your existing hair. Before these extensions can be attached to your hair, your natural hair needs to be braided into cornrows, as this will give your hair stylist a place where they can attach the extensions. These types of extensions are generally ideal for people who have significantly thicker hair because the hair has to be braided first for correct attachment, and people who have thinner hair will not have enough hair to look great.

This application process can take several hours and is often very uncomfortable for the person getting the extensions due to how tight the cornrows will be braided. This is another reason that people who have thinner hair don’t generally opt for this treatment, as the hair can easily be damaged during the braided process.

After the natural hair has been braided into cornrows, the extensions will be sewn into the cornrows with a needle. This is a very time-consuming process, and, because you want to make sure that your extensions will look amazing, you need to only trust a professional to complete it. Your new extensions can’t fall out of your hair because of the way that they are sewn in, making this a permanent option and one that is seamless and looks very natural.

Unfortunately, they can affect your hair’s growth, so it’s important to remove and replace your extensions after a while, especially if you are attempting to grow out your hair. Make sure that you use a special shampoo that is packed with protein so that you can minimize the damage that you will cause to your real hair and that you use deep conditioning products to keep your natural hair as healthy as possible. These extensions generally are only made of human hair due to how long they are left in.


Bonded hair extension

These hair extensions are also known as “fusion” hair extensions due to the way that they are bonded and attached to the natural hair. There are different adhesives that can be used, which is why having a professional complete the work is important, as they can choose the right one for you. It can take around four hours to have bonded hair extensions applied to your hair.

While it creates a very natural look, these extensions are not ideal for everyone because they can easily damage natural hair. Using a machine that looks similar to a hot glue gun, the hair stylist will glue the extensions to single strands of hair. Another option for having these extensions attached to your hair involves using extensions that are clamped to the natural hair, which will allow the glue to melt and attach the natural hair and the extension together.

These are a semi-permanent option and will stay in the hair for around four months. It’s important to note that you may have to have your extensions redone sooner than that, depending on how quickly your own hair grows.

Micro Links

VeSunny 18inch Micro Link Hair Extensions Human Hair Brown Color #4 Easy Loop Micro Ring Beads Remy Human Hair Extensions 1g/s 50g Per Pack

Click for price

These extensions are applied to natural hair by looping natural hair through a small bead that has the extensions attached to it and then clamping it shut with pliers. If you do opt for this type of extension then you will want to make sure that you work with a reputable company, as some of the beads are lower-quality than others and can actually damage your hair.

It’s a good idea to only use beads that have been lined with silicone, as this will help to prevent your hair from breaking while you have extensions. This is a very expensive type of extension to have added to your hair, as the extensions are all individual strands that need to be attached, but since it results in such a natural look, it is a very popular option for some people. Any extensions that slide down the hair instead of staying in place can easily be readjusted by an experienced hair stylist, and your natural hair won’t be damaged by the use of harsh glues or heat.

If you opt for this type of hair extension, then you need to be prepared to spend a long time having them done, as the application can take a few hours. People who have thicker hair are better suited for this type of extensions, as the beads can actually show through thinner hair. If the beads are not placed correctly, then not only will they be uncomfortable for the wearer to sleep on, but they can actually damage the hair due to the sharp edges that they have when they are not closed perfectly.

Cold Fusion Extension

Flat tip cold fusion hair balayage human hair extensions.

It is similar to the later, only difference is that no heat application is needed


  • As much as it is tiresome fixing it, it can give you service for about three months
  • It looks super natural as it is set as close to the root as possible.
  • It is unlikely for it to damage your hair since it does not require heat while fixing it.


    • This type of extension is costly in that it cannot be reused.
    • Another disadvantage is that you can experience hair loss because of the use of the clamping tool.
    • It is very uncomfortable in that one may experience headaches or itching in the scalp.

Types of Wefts

Machine Made

Women 6D Human Hair Extension Clip for 6D Hair Extensions Machine No Trace Connected Hair 100% Unprocessed Real Human Hair Weft Natural Color 10 Pcs / (16/18/20/22/24/26/28 Inches),Ablack20inches

Click for price

Machine made wefts have the obvious advantage over hand tied wefts in that they can be cut to any length without falling apart and unraveling. This means that you will have complete flexibility and control over how much hair you add to your natural hair, which will allow you to customize your look.

Because they are not made by hand, these types of wefts are generally going to be much less expensive to buy, which is great if you are on a budget or are looking to purchase a large number of wefts for a very full and complete look. These extensions are going to be a lot thicker and sturdier, which is great if you are worried about your extensions falling apart before it is time to have them replaced.

One problem that many people experience when they opt for machine-made wefts is that they tend to be much thicker and bulkier than ones that are hand tied. This means that if they are not attached correctly, or if they are used in thinner hair, they will be more obvious and significantly more difficult to hide as a natural look. Unfortunately, this means that there are some people who simply can’t use this type of weft due to the type of natural hair that they have. Additionally, machine-made wefts are notorious for shredding, which can be unsightly.


Hand Tied Remy Human Hair Weft White Blonde #60 Silky Straight 22inch 100gm 6a Grade

Click for price

These wefts are seams that have all of the ends of the hair together and then are manually woven together by hand to ensure that the strands of hair do not fall out. One of the main reasons they are so popular is that the wefts are generally much slimmer than ones that are made on a machine, which makes them significantly easier to hide in the hair.

People who are very worried about their extensions showing or have thinner hair will benefit from this type of weft, as it is not going to be as obvious when attached correctly. Additionally, the strands are going to be more firmly attached to the weft itself, which means that the weft will not shred or fall apart as quickly as ones that are made on machines tend to do.

Unfortunately, with this type of weft, the weft can’t be cut. This means that if it is too long for the area where it is going to be attached, then the end needs to be folded over and attached on top of itself, as cutting the weft will cause it to unravel. While some experts can cut a hand tied weft and then seal the end with a special glue, this is very difficult and will often fail, causing the weft to fall apart. Another thing to consider when opting for hand tied wefts is that because they are so slim, they generally need to be sewn, not glued, into the hair so that it is not messy and will look as neat as possible.

Injection Molded

Injection Molded hair extension

Click for price

Unlike hand tied and machine made hair extensions, ones that are injection molded are perfect for when you need extensions that are not going to be very visible, if at all. They can attach very securely to the hair without adding a lot of bulk due to the way that they are made, which makes them perfect if you have thin hair and are worried about your extensions being obvious.

The injection-molded wefts are generally taped, and they will blend seamlessly not only with the hair included on the extension but also with your natural hair. The wefts are going to be very lightweight, which means that they will be comfortable to wear for a long period of time, and the wefts can usually be reused a number of times simply by applying more tape or glue to the weft itself.

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