23 Different Types of Wallets

Wallets existed before paper banknotes and were once used to carry more than just money and cards. Knapsacks, or small fabric packs with drawstrings, were worn by ancient Greeks attached to their belts and used to carry daily essentials, including their lunch and coins.

When people started using the paper money during the Renaissance period, the wallet evolved into a purse made from leather and came with specially made pockets for identification cards such as calling cards and visiting cards.

In the 1800s, the wallet became the pre-modern cigarette case as it was used chiefly to carry tobacco and smoking accessories.

At the turn of the century, the wallet became the modern wallet as we know it today. It’s foldable, pocket-sized, and used for carrying paper bills.


Belt Wallet

A black, belt wallet great for travels.

Source: Amazon

This “wallet” is actually a belt that has a secret compartment which is a zippered section to hold documents, folded bills, and anything else that is small. It has the same look and functionality of a regular belt. In fact, no one should ever know that it is both a belt and a wallet, and even though it won’t make you a secret agent, you can easily feel like one because of its design and overall look. It is an all-terrain belt that is both stylish and attractive and is easy to get in and out of as well. If you’re out bike-riding or shopping and don’t feel like carrying around your wallet, the belt wallet is the perfect solution every single time.

Bi-fold Wallet

An eco-friendly bi-fold wallet made of cork.

Source: Etsy

A bi-fold wallet is not too big or too small; in fact, it is a perfect size for everyone. Bi-fold wallets are usually rectangle in shape and fold in half. They are both stylish and compact, and they feature a long open pocket that can be used for your money and sometimes different slots for the placement of credit cards, ID cards, and even receipts. Bi-fold wallets often have coin purses in them as well. Their slim profile means they can be folded in half very easily to fit inside a jacket pocket or a pocket in the back of your pants, as well as in a bag or briefcase. They are a very common type of wallet, and very popular as well.

Card Case Wallet

Black, card case with a minimal design and a slim finish.

Source: Amazon

The card case wallet usually has a place only for ID cards and credit cards, and sometimes even your bills. It is compact, sleek, and very slim, and it is made to be carried anywhere you need to go with comfort and ease. Some card case wallets have a money clip attached to one side to hold your bills, but they all have one thing in common – their main emphasis is to hold your ID and credit cards and little else, making them very convenient for millions of people, especially men.

ID Card Wallet

An ID wallet made of dark brown leather.

Source: Etsy

With an ID card wallet, you never again have to worry about where your driver’s license or other ID card is. ID card wallets offer an ID card window and sections for cards and banknotes. They are practical, compact, and extremely convenient, and when you use them, you’ll know that your ID card is always close at hand. Although sometimes used by women, these wallets are used mostly by men because for the most part, men do not like bulky, large wallets. They want just enough of a wallet to hold what they need to bring around with them and nothing else, making the ID card wallet just perfect for their needs.

Large Wallet

Gray, leather wallet with numerous compartments inside such as card holders, coin purse, cash holder and more.Source: Amazon

Also called long wallets or breast wallets, large wallets feature numerous internal compartments and are specially designed to fit in the inside pocket of your jacket. They do not accommodate as much space as you think they will, and they have pockets that are large enough to hold all currency sizes. Large wallets are usually rectangle in size and are very long because they are meant to accommodate a lot of items. Usually folded in half, they are made to hold a lot of items without being too bulky, and most of them are, indeed, made this way.

Leg Wallet

A nude-toned, leg wallet is a perfect way to keep you safe during travels.Source: Amazon

The best thing about the leg wallet is that no one will even know it is there. You can wear a leg wallet either on your lower leg or around your calf, and it is a great place to safely hide an ID card, money, or even a passport. It is tactically designed to fit securely yet comfortably and to fit discreetly so that no one knows it’s there. It has zippered pockets to organize items such as your currency and your passport, and it has stretchable straps that secure around your lower leg and underneath your pants. If you want to keep valuables hidden from street robbers and pickpockets, the leg wallet is for you. As a matter of fact, this is just what it is made for, and if you buy it for this specific reason, you will never be disappointed.

Money Clip Wallet

A money clip wallet made of brown leather.

Source: Etsy

The money clip wallet is a very slim wallet and is designed to hold items such as your ID card and your folded cash. It is also a great way to keep your credit cards well organized and convenient to handle. You can remove your bills from a money clip wallet very easily, and you can even adjust the tension to secure a stack – rather thin or thick – of cash and other items simply by rotating the clip, which is conveniently spring-loaded. If you never carry cash around with you, not to worry. Simply unwind to remove the clip, and you can get a wallet that is even slimmer. Convenient, comfortable, and attractive as well, and you can’t ask for any more than that in a wallet.

Neck Wallet

A pink neck wallet with a zippered compartment in front.Source: Amazon

Also called neck pouches, neck wallets are synonymous with smart travel. If you wear it like a gun holster – that is, over your neck with one strap under one arm – it offers the most security and comfort. Neck wallets are safe and convenient, and although they are a little larger than many other types of wallets, they can hold a lot more items than you think. In fact, people sometimes use neck wallets as a purse because once you put all the important items inside of it, you likely won’t need a lot of other items when you head out to your destination. They are also comfortable to wear because they are usually made out of very smooth materials.

RFID Wallet

Slim, textured wallet with RFID for more security.Source: Amazon

The RFID wallet is specially designed with a very unique lining that protects the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips in your debit and credit cards from being scanned by unscrupulous individuals and thieves. They work by blocking unauthorized RFID, BLE, and NFC scans, keeping the wallet safe and offering greater peace of mind. Also called secure wallets, these wallets offer the best protection against would-be thieves who are trying to steal personal and delicate information that, once they have it, can create a legal and emotional nightmare for you. Every day, thousands of people have their identity stolen, wreaking havoc on their lives and costing them both time and money they may not have. RFID wallets are a great way to protect yourself from this occurrence and prevent it from happening to you.

Shoe Wallet


Black shoe wallet for men.

Source: Amazon

A very unique type of wallet, these wallets sit on top of your shoe and discretely keep items such as keys from bouncing around in your pocket. If you’re heading out to jog, shoe wallets are the perfect way to run hands-free and without worrying that things will be uncomfortable in your pocket or t-shirt. Most shoe wallets have loops that tie around your lace and allow the wallet itself to sit on the front top of your shoe, making them both comfortable and convenient. These types of wallets are perfect for people who are always on the go, and the compact size of the wallet means your feet will never be uncomfortable either.

Slim Wallet

Brown, slim wallet with a card and cash holder.

Source: Amazon

Slim wallets are specifically made to be compact, and they are normally able to hold cash, international currencies, and roughly 8-10 cards, even when folded in half. They are slim enough for the front pocket of your jeans, put less wear and tear on your clothing, are better for your back and for your back pocket, and even provide a smoother-looking silhouette than most other wallets. They can hold more items than you might think, and since they are specifically made to have a slim design, they are both convenient and attractive, sturdy, and practical. If compactness is what you want, but a slim design is what you need, the slim wallet will be perfect for you.

Taxi Wallet

Leather, finely-stitched taxi wallet in Olive green.

Source: Amazon

If you’re looking for the perfect wallet for a night on the town, a weekend getaway, or even to take on your next travels, the taxi wallet is the one to get. Taxi wallets are small-folding wallets that have pockets and which fit very neatly in a small bag or in your front pocket. Taxi wallets are perfect for people who consider themselves minimalists and who wish to uncomplicate their lives. They are meant to carry only the basics and nothing else, which includes cards, bills, and coins, plus they have an extra pocket that is made to hide just a few folded bills, a note, or a folded check. If you think, “just the basics, please,” whenever you’re shopping for a wallet, you can’t overlook the benefits of the taxi wallet, because it should suit all of your needs perfectly.

Travel Wallet

A long, rectangular travel wallet made of pink-colored leather.

Source: Etsy

This travel wallet can also be called a passport holder wallet or a passport travel wallet because you can keep all of your important travel documents in one place when you purchase this type of wallet. These wallets are tall and slim, and there is plenty of room to store your driver’s license, boarding cards, currency, passport, credit cards, a pen, and much more. The wallets are very handy, and they usually come with a snap-type, magnetic button closure. Travel wallets prove that their name is appropriate because you can store all of your travel essentials in style and still get a wallet that is comfortable enough to carry around wherever you need to go. If you’re even considering traveling anywhere, you owe it to yourself to purchase a travel wallet for yourself.

Trifold Wallet

Khaki brown leather wallet with three folds.

Source: Etsy

Trifold wallets are great if you need a wallet that can accommodate a lot in a very small space. Also rectangle in size like the bi-fold, a tri-fold wallet instead has two flaps that fold to close the wallet. Each section of the wallet is roughly one-third of its length and has one open pocket you can use to put your money in, as well as several other slots. Unlike a bi-fold wallet, however, the slots in the tri-fold wallet are vertical instead of horizontal. In fact, most tri-fold wallets can hold up to 10 of your ID or credit cards. It also contains numerous receipt pockets, an ID window that has a thumb slide for easy access, and a double-bill compartment.

Tri-fold wallets have a lot more space than bifold wallets, making them seem a little bulkier than a bi-fold wallet, even though they aren’t. They take up less space than you might think, and they are extremely convenient when what you want is a spacious wallet. If you’ve chosen to live the compact life, heading to the store to find yourself a great tri-fold wallet is a very smart thing to do.

Wallet with Coin Pocket

Metallic Wine Red wallet with a coin compartment in its interior. Source: Amazon

These are very popular with women because they are specially designed to hold not only bills but also coins that are readily accessible while shopping and eating out. With coins that are stowed away inside your wallet, you can easily go through all of your loose change when you purchase something later on when you’re shopping or in a restaurant. Wallets that have coin pockets can be used by both men and women, and they blend the perfect amount of convenience and style so that you get something perfect in the end. Attractive and useful, wallets with coin pockets are easy to find and affordable as well.

Wrist Wallet

Black, stretchable writ wallet made of fabric.

Source: Amazon

Just as its name implies, the wrist wallet fits on your wrist and is made for outdoor activities such a walking, hiking, or jogging. It fits tightly but comfortably against your wrist and can store items such as keys, money, phone, ID card, or even an mp3 player if you like. It is usually made with an elastic loop so it can adjust to the size of your wrist, and even though they are not large enough to hold items such as a passport, they are perfect for holding the items you need while you’re outside exercising. Wrist wallets are visible, yet they are still able to prevent pickpockets because it is, in fact, difficult for people to steal something from it. If you spend time outdoors and hate big, bulky wallets, the wrist wallet is for you.

Zippered Wallet

A small, zippered wallet in Tan.

Source: Etsy

These wallets have zip closures and zip pulls that are usually trimmed in leather, meaning they aren’t likely to rip or tear away anytime soon. You can’t lose anything because the zippers conveniently keep everything on the inside, and it has an inner pocket that is perfect for your banknotes. The wallets are stylish but compact, unique, and attractive. They are also perfect to store credit or membership cards, and the fact that they come in a variety of designs – including stripes, floral designs, and many more – make them a favorite among women. Some people call them wallets with zip pockets, but whatever they are called, zippered wallets are always a convenient and fashionable way to carry around the things you might need while you’re out and about.



Bi-fold denim jacket with a black lining.Source: Amazon

The great thing about denim is that it is not only strong and sturdy enough to make wallets out of, but it is also a very beautiful fabric, even coming in various colors. It is a common fabric for jeans, and in fact, these types of pants were once called blue jeans to describe the color of most denim. Denim now comes in colors such as white, red, black, yellow, and orange, among others, and it is unarguably one of the most popular types of fabric on the market today.

Denim is made out of a sturdy cotton warp-faced textile whereby the weft passes under two or more warp threads. This is a twill weaving process that results in a diagonal ribbing, which distinguishes it from cotton duck. Indigo denim is the most common type of denim, and this type involves the warp thread being dyed and the weft thread being left white.

Duct Tape

Silver duct tape wallet with three folds.Source: Amazon

Most commonly found in grey, duct tape now comes in a variety of other colors and designs, and since it is so strong and flexible, it makes the perfect material for wallets. You can also design them any way you wish, which means you can take duct tape and make a bifold wallet, slim wallet, or even a neck wallet, all of which should remain attractive and sturdy for a very long time. Its strength is hard to beat, and the style and design options you have a truly endless.


Gray fabric wallet with printed fox cartoons.

Source: Etsy

More often than not, the fabric used to make wallets are blends of different fabrics, but they can be made out of many strong fabrics, including polyester and cotton, nylon twill, twill, polyester and twill, polyester, nylon and 10000 CORDURA, and many others. In fact, many of these fabrics are so strong that the wallets come with a lifetime guarantee, which makes them well worth the money you spent on them.

Of course, fabric wallets are usually very inexpensive, so finding a fabric wallet that is expensive can be difficult to do. Fabric wallets are also very fashionable because this material comes in hundreds of colors and designs. You can choose a wallet that is solid-colored or printed, light or dark, textured or smooth, and whatever you choose, you’ll love the fact that you can walk around with a wallet that is both functional and beautiful.

Fine Mesh with Copper or Stainless Steel

A vintage mesh wallet in silver.

Source: Etsy

Not only do these types of wallets come in various colors, but they are usually water-resistant or waterproof, strong, and often semi-transparent as well. They are usually strengthened with either stainless steel or copper, especially when used to make items such as wallets, and can also be made resistant to corrosion. Mesh wallets can sometimes look like they are not very sturdy, but once you use one for a bit, you’ll understand that this isn’t true. Fine mesh wallets are popular because they are durable and attractive, not to mention flexible enough to fit comfortably in your pants pocket. In addition, some RFID wallets, as well as other types of wallets, can be made out of fine mesh, so it is truly a versatile material.


Brown leather wallets for men.

Source: Etsy

This is likely the most common material for wallets, and once you purchase a leather wallet, you’ll understand why. The leather is both flexible and durable and is created by tanning the rawhides of animals, which mostly includes cattle hide. The leather is used to make thousands of goods that people use every single day, including footwear, in bookbinding, and even as a covering for furniture. Dating back to 1300 BC, leather has various types and styles – including a very popular type called suede – and can be decorated using a wide range of techniques. The leather used in wallets usually includes various shades of brown, although other colors are possible as well.


Black nylon wallet with three folds.

Source: Amazon

The term “nylon” is used to describe numerous materials because there are a lot of blends that have nylon in them. Nylon is a type of synthetic polyamide that is manufactured by copolymerizing diamines and dicarboxylic acids. The material can then be molded into the articles that are needed, including not only wallets but items such as machine parts and combs as well. Nylon monofilaments can be used for materials such as the bristles of a brush, and nylon fibers can even be spun into yarn. Other examples of products that are made with nylon include sheets, fiber, stockings, many types of clothing, and many others, all of which have great elasticity and great strength.

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