Under the Hood #1: “The Fire Trials”


Welcome to the very first episode of Under the Hood, the newest entry into the Sound On Sight podcast family. Join co-hosts Les Chappell and Sean Colletti as they break down episodes of Cinemax’s Banshee week-to-week. Episode #1 takes a look at “The Fire Trials,” covering topics such as how the past tends to catch up with characters, definitions of heroes and antiheroes and, of course, some talk about bourbon and incest (both relevant to Banshee, mind you). So, too, begins the recurring segment “Banshee in Action,” in which time is taken to appreciate the incredible care that goes into making the series’ action sequences. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving a comment, tweeting the co-hosts or sending an e-mail to underthehoodbansheepodcast[at]gmail.com.


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