Under the Hood #3: “A Fixer of Sorts”


Under the Hood is back, and there’s just no way to introduce this episode while doing it justice. Co-hosts Les Chappell and Sean Colletti try their best, though, by bringing in prolific television critic Randy Dankievitch to talk about “A Fixer of Sorts,” an early contender for the year’s best in TV. There is some discussion of how pain can motivate these characters, where karma fits into Banshee and, of course, that truly epic fight between Nola and Burton, which gets an extra special “Banshee in Action” treatment. Is this really only the third episode? Where does Banshee take its third season from here? All this and more in this podcast. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving a comment, sending the co-hosts a tweet or e-mailing the show at the following address: underthehoodbansheepodcast[at]


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