Video of the Day: The 5 Stages of Watching a Marvel Movie


With the release of the new Avengers sequel on the horizon, it’s no shock that a surplus of videos are surfacing on the internet that all revolve around Marvel and their films. The folks from the YouTube channel “How it Should Have Ended” have determined the five stages someone goes through while watching a Marvel movie (because it is quite an experience every time) and pretty much nails it right on the head. One of their members, Leigh Lahav, gives us these stages in animated form.

It’s no accident that the stages are similar to the five stages of grief because as most comic book movie fans know, watching a Marvel film is an emotional process. But no matter how nit-picky fans might get (including this fan), the ending stage is almost always filled with ultimate joy at how awesome the film is because Marvel still delivers on that front. Let’s hope Age of Ultron lives up to that same hype. Watch the video below:

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