Video Games and Sibling Bonding in ‘Player Two’ Animated Short

Player Two

It’s funny to believe that we’re only just getting out of the first generation to have videogames as a formative part of their childhood. Those of us who spent their early years guiding Mario and Link through 8-bit adventures are only now starting to have kids of their own, a new generation of born-gamers who’ll cut their teeth on…..oh, I don’t know, Halo or something. But for a while there, we were unique in how videogames and the digital spaces they created were an essential part of our cultural upbringing, whether our parents liked it or not. And for many of you our there with siblings, older or younger, games were probably the thing that you and your brothers and/or sisters together, as the wonderful new short film Player Two illustrates.

Player Two is the brainchild of Zachary Antell, who we can assume had such a bonding experience with his own brother. The short, done in rotoscope animation with a great style to it, is a fairly simple tale of two brothers bonding over their shared love of games, and accordingly the video takes us through a rotoscoped highlight reel of so many of those early classics. It’s a really lovely little short, clearly made with a ton of love, for both family and gaming. For my part, I never had a sibling to bond with, nor videogames to bond over. My earliest videogame experiences were on a hand-me-down NES, and this was well into the SNES generation. But still, for those of you with similar experiences, this short will probably strike a pretty strong chord with you.

Take a look below.

Player Two from Zachary Antell on Vimeo.

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