Video Of The Day: ‘Breaking Bad’ Tribute – The Journey of Walter White

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When the Sound On Sight crew gets together and discusses the greatest TV series ever made, we all agree on two shows: David Simon’s The Wire and Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad – with The Wire coming in at number one. Now midway through season five of Breaking Bad, the question on everyone’s mind is, will it surpass the critically acclaimed HBO crime drama and replace it as the best show ever made? Only time will tell.

But it is videos such as the one below, created by YouTube user that quickly reminds us of some of the brilliant moments of Gilligan’s hit series that we sometimes forget about. And if anything, it also reminds us that perhaps the single most unique aspect of Breaking Bad is its central character Walter White, a lead who has perhaps seen the biggest onscreen transformation for any character created for the small screen. Here is a look back at his journey. Enjoy!

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