Video of the day: Extremely accurate live action version of a ‘Grand Theft Auto’


Grand Theft Auto V continues to find itself in the headlines in one way or another – this time, via a video created by YouTube channel CorridorDigital. The team who also brought us the hilariously strange The Order: 1986 video, made a real-life GTA V video which shows off some of the familiar Los Angeles locations, including landmarks in the Los Santos, Venice Beach (Vespucci Beach), and Griffith’s Observatory (Galileo’s Observatory). Additionally, the camera angles used, movement style, and even the gunfights all stay true to the game. A making-of video (also embedded below) shows how the crew mounted GoPro cameras on poles to create the sweeping camera movements. The attention to detail is meticulous, making this the best tribute video for the game yet.

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