Video Of The Day: Kanye West “SNL” Performance

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It is usually pretty hard to find any videos of SNL performances or skits online. They usually get flagged or removed right away. A while back I wrote a very negative review of the Kanye West music video for his latest single Runaway. Despite my views on the video , I still think Kanye’s performance on Saturday Night Live was one of the more memorable music performances of the show’s entire history. You can watch it below. Enjoy.

  1. the truth says

    Kanye West can’t sing for sh*t
    he’s got enough money to buy samples from enough previous hits to make his ripoffs, sure
    but without an enormous set and meglomania he aint got sh*t
    best performances of all time? All he did was shout some simple self involved tripe about how power… cliche, cliche…
    no one with any real taste finds him more than mediocre…
    oh, but he’s a genius for controversy! Me too – I like to whip my dic out im public, too, where’s my grammy? wake me up when he does something intelligent…

  2. Staff says

    Hulu can only be viewed within the states and nowhere else in the world. They block it.

  3. CMrok93 says

    Kayne’s performance of this song has been flawless lately, he never stops once at bringing his sure energy to the song, but not forgetting the artistic ability within him.

  4. Not My Hat says

    It’s actually not hard to find SNL videos/clips at all, it’s called Hulu, most of their stuff is on there, for free, and able to embed.

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