Video of the Day: Paul Thomas Anderson directs the music video for Joanna Newsom’s ‘Sapokanikan’

Paul Thomas Anderson

The line between music video direction and feature film direction has always been a blurry one, with numerous feature film directors getting their start in music videos, and established feature film directors working with key artists to direct music videos every so often. Among that list is Paul Thomas Anderson. Having begun his career by directly jumping into short films and features, Paul Thomas Anderson has also directed a number of music video for various artists, his latest one being for singer Joanna Newsom.

This is not the first collboration between the two, as Newsom previously appeared in Anderson’s 2014 film Inherent Vice, providing narration duties. The music video is for Newsom’s song Sapokanikan, which is from her upcoming album Divers, her first album since 2010. The music video can be seen below, and Newsom’s album will be released on October 23rd. Anderson has yet to announce his next project.

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