Video of the Day: Pixar releases an official video connecting its Easter Eggs

Inside Out

Over the past two decades, Pixar has grown into one of the biggest animation studios in the world, with many ardent fans anticipating each feature they put out, and numerous films from the studio going on to commercial and critical acclaim. One aspect of the studio, however, that keen-eyed viewers have picked up on, is their tendency to drop easter eggs into their features that refer to past or upcoming features, whether it’s Boo handing Sulley a toy in 2001’s Monsters Inc that looks exactly like the titular character of 2003’s Finding Nemo, or the shadow of a dog that terrorises Remy in 2007’s Ratatouille matching up with Dug from 2009’s Up. This has led some to speculate that all the movies take place in an interconnected universe.

Ahead of the release of the studio’s upcoming feature Inside Out, Pixar has released an official video pointing out a number of their Easter Eggs, and the connections the movies share as a result. The video can be seen below, and Inside Out will make its debut in US theatres on June 19th.

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