Video of the Day: Pixar’s ‘Up,’ if Directed by Michael Bay


It’s amazing just how much you can change the feel and look of a film though editing. Unless you are a filmmaker, critic, film teacher, and/or have at least worked as an editor at one point in you life – most moviegoers don’t necessarily notice the editing. Most people don’t focus on the thousands of separate images that make up the story but instead get lost in the story, taking for granted the ever-roaming camera that offers us a plethora of views from various vantage points. Film editing is an under-appreciated art, which is why I sort of love videos like the one below, which shows how an editor can take footage from a film and turn it into an entirely different beast. YouTube user MrStratman7 took a pass at Pete Docter’s Up, changing the score and moving the audio so that it felt more like a traditional Michael Bay movie. He even adds tons of explosions and a terrible song by Lincoln Park. If you’ve never seen Up before, you might just believe it was actually directed by Bay from watching this montage. Enjoy!

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