Video of the Day: Ridley Scott’s filmography in seven glorious minutes


Ridley Scott is known for his atmospheric, highly concentrated visual style, and his films frequently showcase memorable imagery of various environments and different time periods be it 2nd century Rome (Gladiator), 12th century Jerusalem (Kingdom of Heaven), 21st century Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down), or the future cityscapes of Blade Runner. Although Ridley Scott’s trademarks may not be as apparent as Speilberg’s or Scorsese’s, his work continues to influence filmmakers world-wide.

Vimeo user Martin Kessler put together this brilliant montage showcasing his eclectic body of work. Kudos to Kessler for not only choosing the best scenes from Scott’s oeuvre, but also picking the right music, ranging from 12th Century church tunes to Public Enemy’s “Can’t Truss It”. Enjoy!

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