Video of the day: Scooby and the gang visit the ‘Twin Peaks’ Black Lodge

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Scooby Doo Twin Peaks

“Stand and Deliver”, the 20th episode of the 2nd season, of the seriously under-rated animated series, Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, paid tribute to David Lynch and Mark Frost‘s Twin Peaks with a very straightforward reference to The Red Room and The Black Lodge. Actor Michael J. Anderson was even called in to lend his voice to a little dancing dwarf while mimicking the famous “forwards/backwards” speech effect. Watch the clip below. Enjoy!

  1. says

    In 1979, Scooby’s tiny nephew Scrappy-Doo was added to both the series and the billing, in an attempt to boost

  2. Twin Peaks says

    This was my favourite episode. Loved Scooby Doo since i was a kid.

    Thanks for sharing. bring back memories

  3. Pieter says

    Please add a source link to where this video and most of the copy above was taken from.

    Thanks, Ricky!

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