Video Of The Day: Shaking The Habitual – The Interview

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Following the release of their exciting and ambitious new album, “Shaking The Habitual” Swedish electronic duo The Knife have just unveiled a typically fascinating and mysterious short film about it. “Shaking The Habitual” is the duo’s first studio album since “Silent Shout” seven years ago. The album’s duration is around the 96 minute mark and is out now. Everything leading up to its release has been ambiguous, strange and exciting including the music video for opening track “A Tooth For An Eye”.

Simply titled “The Interview”, the short film explains their intentions behind the new album as well as the thought process. It wouldn’t be a Knife video if it didn’t consist of obscure footage and the video is essentially made up of a collection of that alongside discussion of the politics surrounding the album.  The film was directed by Marit Östberg, who also directed the video for “Full of Fire”. Olof Dreijer says they are “creating a space in which we want to exist”, watch the short below:

[vsw id=”4F37Yg17-JQ” source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]


– Tara Costello

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