Video of the Day: The Sound of ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’

Transformers: Dark of the Moon opened to big numbers last week (374 million world-wide) and while most critics spent so much energy bashing a movie that they already knew they would hate (see Al White’s rant), I tried my best to look for something positive in what was essentially a three-hour mess. And to my surprise I did like some aspects of the film (hear my thoughts on episode 280 of the Sound On Sight podcast) including visual effects, stunt work and other production values throughout.

Whatever little talent Michael Bay has as a director, you can’t ignore the hard work and craft from the rest of his crew. Take for instance his sound engineers. The amazing visual effects in this film are complimented by the talented efforts of the sound team including Re-recording Mixers Greg Russell and Jeff Haboush, and Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designers Ethan Van der Ryn, and Erik Aadahl. Watch the video below to further appreciate their great work, and remember even a bad movie can offer some form of good. Enjoy!

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SoundWorks Collection: The Sound of Transformers: Dark of the Moon from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

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