Video of the Day: Watch an analysis of how editing affects a film


One of the most important but often overlooked aspects of cinema-making. Deciding what to show and how is as much a key of editing as it is of cinematography, with many famous directors often returning to work with certain editors time and time again. Martin Scorsese and his longtime collaborator editor Thelma Schoonmaker stands as one of the most famous examples in modern-day film, as the duo have worked together for over 35 years, starting with the 1980 film Raging Bull.

Now youtube channel RocketJump Film School has released a video looking at the importance of editing to making a film succeed. The video essay is narrated and created by editor and director Joey Scoma, and looks at everything from Alien to The Fugitive to West Side Story. The video had this to add in the description.

In this video, Director/Editor Joey Scoma walks us through a few classic scenes in cinema that demonstrate editing as an effective storytelling tool, and focuses in on a specific technique that he likes to call “The “Oh F**K” Moment.”

Editing is about controlling information – it determines how, when and why we see certain pieces of information or story. There are many different styles and techniques within the art of editing to accomplish this, but the main purpose of each of them is to further the story. In other words: “You need a reason to cut.”

The video essay can be seen below, and turning on captions will reveal the name of each film, as well as their respective directors and editors.

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