Video of the Day: Watch an analysis of the ‘Daredevil’ and ‘Oldboy’ hallway fight scenes

Daredevil s1


Park Chan-Wook’s 2003 feature Oldboy has been praised in critical circles for a number of facets, one of which is an extended hallway fight that sees protagonist Oh Dae-su have to fight his way through a number of adversaries in a long, narrow space. The scene is particularly notable for going through the entire fight without cutting away.

Netflix’s new series Daredevil, which saw its series premiere occur on April 10th, similarly saw the titular hero battle his way through a hallway of adversaries at the end of the show’s second episode in an extended take, drawing comparisons to the 2003 film in the process.

Now youtube user Cineflect has put together a video essay looking at the similarities and differences between the two fights, both in how they’re executed by the two leads, and in how they’re shot by the respective cinematographers and directors. The video essay can be seen below, along with the two fight scenes individually. Warning: there are spoilers for both the 2003 film Oldboy and the 2015 series Daredevil.

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