Video of the Day: Watch how shots from the two ‘Star Wars’ trilogies mirror each other

Star Wars

The Star Wars franchise has, over the course of its run, grown into one of the most popular franchises in cinema history, spawning not only numerous films, but a number of tv shows, video games, and comics as well, with its fans stretching across generations and many accomplished performers finding some of their most famous roles in the series. The success of the first trilogy, which was released in 1977, 1980, and 1983, caused the franchise mastermind George Lucas to revisit the universe in the last decade, exploring the origins of numerous characters and watching how the events unfolded to lead to the state they did in 1977’s Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope.

Now vimeo user whoispablo has put together a compilation of shots and scenes from both trilogies to show how they mirror each other, as was Lucas’ intent. Titled Star Wars Poetry, the video is set to Experience by Ludovico Einaudi, and can be seen below.

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