Video of the Day: Watch how Steve McQueen uses fingers and hands to add characterisation


Despite sharing a name with a legendary performer, British filmmaker Steve McQueen has built a distinct identity for himself, garnering critical acclaim for his feature film debut Hunger in 2009 that only grew with his subsequent features, culminating in an Oscar win for Best Picture for his 2013 feature 12 Years a Slave.

One of the aspects that McQueen’s films have been praised for is their rich characterisation. McQueen uses a number of methods outside of dialogue to enhance the audience’s understanding of any given character, one of which is a focus on their fingers and hands. The way a character maintains their hands, and what they do with it in certain circumstances, is a tool used by McQueen to further develop them.

Now Vimeo user Alex Kalogeropoulos has put together a video looking at how McQueen uses this technique. The video can be seen below. McQueen recently shot a music video with Kanye West, and is currently developing the tv series Codes of Conduct with HBO.

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