Video of the Day: Watch ‘The Daily Show’ pay tribute to Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee

Over the course of its run, The Daily Show has had a rich history of accomplished writers who found success on the show making a name for themselves elsewhere, from Steve Carell to John Oliver. Thus, few were surprised at the news of current writer Samantha Bee striking off on her own following the signing of a contract with TBS, with many fans excited to see the comedian’s solo efforts. The excitement, however, did come tempered with a level of sadness at her departure from The Daily Show, a series where she has been working since 2003, and currently holds the record for being the correspondent with the longest tenure.

Last night’s episode marked Bee’s last one on The Daily Show, and host Jon Stewart marked the occasion with a montage that includes some of her most memorable interviews, while also personally reflecting on her work on the show. The tribute can be seen below.

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