Video of the Day: Watch the Defenders react to Iron Fist’s origin story


The announcement that Netflix and Marvel would be partnering together for a series of shows was met with excitement by many fans of the Marvel comic books, particularly when the central characters of each series were announced. One thing that stuck out, however, was the character of Iron Fist, whose comic book origins are much more fantastic in nature than his Defenders counterparts Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage.

The difference in origins is the source of this video by the team behind the popular superhero comedy site Texts from Superheroes. The video imagines what the first meeting between the Defenders would look like, and how the other members of the team would react to Danny Rand’s story about how he got his powers. With the announcement of Scott Buck as the showrunner of the upcoming Iron Fist tv series, the video can be seen below.

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