Video of the Day: What if Batman’s parents faked their death?

Mark Gagliardi Bruce Wayne

Through numerous incarnations in comics, film, and television, Batman has become one of the most popular comic book characters, with 2016’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice bringing a new version of the character, and the Fox show Gotham exploring the world further. With the death of his parents at the hands of a criminal being the catalyst for Bruce Wayne’s turn into vigilante justice, the story of Batman’s origins have been explored in film and television a number of times, most notably in 1989’s Batman and 2005’s Batman Begins. A new comedy skit, however, written by Thrilling Adventure Hour‘s Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, explores the idea of the elder Waynes having faked their death, unbeknownst to Bruce. Mark Gagliardi plays Bruce, with Marc Evan Jackson and Paget Brewster taking on the roles of his parents, and John Ennis playing Alfred. The video can be seen below.

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