Vietnamese Horror Comedy ‘Ghost Hospital’ Gets Trailer

Ghost Hospital


The idea of ghosts needing medical attention may seem somewhat odd at first. Once you’ve rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible, things like a runny nose or a broken leg shouldn’t be on your list of concerns anymore. After all, death is the poor man’s doctor. And yet Ghost Hospital, this new horror comedy from Vietnamseems to take place in exactly the kind of institution that its title suggests: a hospital for ghosts. Or at least, one with a very serious ghost problem.

Info on the film outside of Vietnamese sites (my Vietnamese is a little rusty, which is to say nonexistent) is basically impossible to find, so any information on the film will have to be gleaned from the trailer itself. Our hero is a young doctor assigned to the titular ghost-ridden hospital, where the staff have already gotten used to the restless spirits wandering the halls. Of course, things will probably end up where our protagonist has to put an end to the ghostly infestation once and for all, helping the hospital’s post-life population move on. That’s what I’d bet on, if I were a betting man. The film looks like a fun bit of Asian genre comedy, with that particular brand of Asian humor that usually means lots of very quick banter thrown back and forth with machinegun patter. One would think that this would be the kind of thing South Korea would be all over, but apparently not, and it will be interesting to see if Vietnam has anything unique they can bring to the table for Asian cinephiles currently caught up in the SK movie and TV craze.

Check out the trailer for Ghost Hospital below.

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