VOD: Guitar Joe plays 100 of the best TV Tunes in 11 minutes


What’s more comforting than the theme song from your favorite television show? In the video below, courtesy, a guitar wizard identified only as Joe plays 100 TV theme songs in just 11 minutes, making seamless transitions in between each. He starts with Looney Tunes and ends with the theme from Game Of Thrones. In between you’ll hear the theme songs to Jeopardy, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Bewitched, The Pink Panther, Twin Peaks, The Wonder Years, The Adams Family, Mission Impossible and 90 more memorable tunes. While we may be in the second golden age of television, the golden age of TV theme songs is behind us and so listening to this brilliant montage is rather soothing. I recommend listening to the video instead of watching it, and seeing how many tunes you can recognize without reading the credits that pop up on screen. Enjoy!

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