VOD: Watch Every Easter Egg & Reference in ‘Spectre’

In case you didn’t notice, we here at PopOptiq are huge fans of the James Bond franchise. And despite the many problems Spectre has, we somehow managed to publish two very positive reviews of the film. J.R. Kinnard put it best when he wrote, “Whether or not it meets those lofty standards probably depends upon your affinity for the franchise. General audiences attracted to the simple, action-driven engines of Daniel Craig’s previous efforts will be disappointed by the methodical pacing. Disciples of Bond, however, will love director Sam Mendes’ tribute to the franchise’s more classical elements.”

One of the most surprising aspects of the latest Bond film is the amount of easter eggs and references to previous installments. There is honestly more fan service in Spectre than there is in the pilot for Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Some of the easter eggs are obvious and others not so easy to spot. Luckily for us, we now have a video detailing each courtesy of Mr Sunday Movies. Enjoy!

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