VOTD: Daniel Craig channels old school Bond in ad for Heineken


When did James Bond become such a Heineken drinker?

An ad for the beer was released on Monday and had 007 himself fighting off thugs while a woman gliding along the water in what seemed like a scene out of a Roger Moore film rather than the more recent Craig iterations.

The ad features the woman gliding on the water as Craig fights off goons with her going through a wedding and picking up Heinekens and dropping them off with people as she rides past before helping Craig lose the last man. It is nice to see a small break from the more Bourne-influenced Bond films and allow the world to have a little goofy fun like the old days.

Craig will next be seen as James Bond in this year’s Spectre, which should also play a lot with Bond’s past and some faces that were featured prominently in older films.

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