VOTD: Every scene in ‘House of Cards’ looks the same

House of Cards season 2 promo image

We’re deep in the mix of House of Cards Season 3, which just became available on Netflix Instant streaming this past Friday. Cinephiles will know that David Fincher’s brain child has a visual aesthetic that makes it look distinctly cinematic and Fincher-esque, but even after multiple seasons, directors and cinematographers, it has maintained a very simple pattern and color palette. Slate Video illustrated just how the show creates its sinister feel through the duality of blue and yellow fighting for space within the frame. Watch it below:

But House of Cards wasn’t the only Fincher project receiving the video essay treatment this week. Jop Leuven put together this short supercut placing two perspectives in Fincher’s Gone Girl, of Amy and Nick, side by side, revealing how scarily symmetrical and in sync the images are, one of Fincher’s meticulous tools for crafting tension.

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