VOTD: Paul Dano gets beat up all the time

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If you’re having a bad day or your week has been feeling longer than usual, this video of Paul Dano getting repeatedly beaten up in a good number of his films might make you forget about your troubles.

This video is brought to you by YouTuber Michael Brawley who was compelled to inform the world that Paul Dano has a very punchable face. While he suffers other injuries to parts of his body in this video, many of the various characters in Paul Dano’s films really like hitting him in the face, especially Daniel Day Lewis’s memorable and horrifying Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood. 

While being constantly beaten up in movies might not be the most fun thing to be known for, it’s still a testament to Paul Dano’s acting chops. Not everyone can react that well to getting hit, punched, and kicked over and over again, but he’s got a knack for it. Also most of the characters he plays do deserve to get punched and he’s very good at playing those characters. At least he doesn’t die in practically everything he’s been in (sorry, Sean Bean).

Check out the video below, and consider it NSFW for lots of Paul Dano related violence.

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