VOTD: The Art of the Close-Up (with narration from Edgar Wright)

Shaun of the Dead

Ever wonder why we get so many close-up montages in Edgar Wright films? The filmmaker himself details why in a new video essay.

Speaking about his films, Wright talks about why he uses the close-up shot regularly in his films, saying that he takes them from the films of Martin Scorsese such as Taxi Driver or Goodfellas and from Evil Dead 2. He also speaks about why it allows the scene to work, namely taking something as mundane as paperwork in Hot Fuzz and creating a more stylized version.

Wright is one of the more talented filmmakers working today with a fascinating film knowledge so hearing him talk about the subject is a treat. He is currently working on Baby Driver, which stars Ansel Elgort and Lilly James, but just added Jamie Foxx to the cast.

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