Walking Dead Podcast Episode 26: ‘Killer Within’

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Walking Dead Podcast Episode 26: 'Killer Within'

If there was any doubt that The Walking Dead‘s showrunners are serious about thinning the herd and accelerating the pace this season, “Killer Within” sets them to rest, as we say goodbye to (at least) two major characters. Kate, Ricky and Simon attempt a post-mortem on the series’ most devastating episode yet.



Lorn – “Dead Dogs”

  1. Colin says

    Podcast isn’t showing up in iTunes. Anyone know why?

    1. Ricky says

      Hey Colin,

      The podcast is seen on our Walking Dead feed. However it isn’t up on The Televerse feed because Kate has been out of town.

      The link above will lead you to the WD feed. Sorry about that.

  2. Yaz says

    Wicked podcast guys… Woodbury SHOULD pick up. I won’t spoil nothing from the comics, but those two worlds have to collide, and hopefully something good will come of it.

    I personally really liked the episode, and I loved Rick’s closing moment. That was his world man, and he broke. It contrasted perfectly to his demeanor throughout the rest of the show and this season. Even the flashback of him talking to Carl – and to see Carl be so stern and emotionless but his dad crumble, I really dug it.

    Anyway I could rant for days… Um… Yeah, Carol. Well. Yeah, we didn’t see her die, but we didn’t see Sophia die either and it was a reveal. This seasons pace is much faster so I doubt we will be spending episodes on the crew looking for her, since they’re kind of already assuming she’s dead this time around, but I’m assuming she’ll pop up at some point. They were doing some foreshadowing between her and Darrell, and I’m assuming Mearl will fit in somewhere with that and result in someone biting the dust.

    Oh yeah, and can they give Michone her sword back already. Yeesh.

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