Walking Dead Podcast Episode 27: “Say The Word”

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After last week’s smorgasbord of violence and shocking deaths, effects maestro Greg Nicotero directs the show’s latest installment, in which Rick goes through the Choppin’ Walkers stage of the grieving process, the gang takes a moment to remember those they’ve lost, and Michonne gets tired of explaining herself to Lori. But we mostly just argue about what on earth they needed three graves for.



Closing song : John Cale, “I Wanna Talk 2 U”

  1. Lori L says

    Podcast is fun. But the female needs to watch the show better. She is always correcting the guys but they are usually correct and she is wrong. EX. It was Glen talking about T-dog not Hershel.

    1. Kate Kulzick says

      Hey Lori-
      Thanks for listening! In the example you reference, I was correcting them about to whom Glen was talking. They had said he was talking to one of the other characters. I very well may have a few mistakes in there, though- I of course strive to avoid these, but one or two may have gotten past me. Thanks again for taking the time to check out the ‘cast!

  2. Lori C says

    I have to comment on the graves. There are three graves for the remains: 1) T-Dog – whose body they recovered, 2) Carol – the body next to the headband. They are assuming it is Carol! They do not know that Carol went through the door and that is why they are not “looking” for her because they think they have her body. That also explains why two of the graves are filled-in at the end of the episode, and 3) Lori – because they are not in the room with Rick to see that her body has been eaten.

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