Walking Dead Podcast Episode 31: ‘Warm Bodies’ / Walking Dead Season 3

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The Walking Dead Podcast

With the second half of The Walking Dead‘s third season only a week away, Ricky, Kate and Simon reconvene once more to look ahead towards the show’s Mazzara-less future and what the decision means for the show’s overall direction. Before that, debate gets heated over the latest zombie-related work to consume multiplexes, Jonathan Levine’s zom-rom-com Warm Bodies.


The Black Keys – “Lonely Boy”

Delta Spirit – “Yamaha”

  1. Augustine says

    LOL! Oh man I can’t believe it took me this long to listen to this episode. Hearing Ricky going absolutely apeshit over “Warm Bodies” has to be greatest thing ever. Although I think you went a little overboard Ricky. You weren’t this mean in your actual “Twilight” review, but it was very entertaining. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sektos says

    HAHA and sometimes text messages can seem harsher than they are intended Ricky, sorry for that :P I wasnt that hurt just shocked as i had JUST seen the film and as your usually the one kinder to Walking Dead episodes (ie alot S02) your reaction on the podcast to the movie seemed insane to me BUT to each their own lol I personally didnt enjoy Avengers and yet sooo many others love it for some reason (im excluding what is an awesome fight at the end) despite IMO 1D villian, filler, repeat or lack of character development, & contrived victory

    As 24yr old guy and not the only male in the audience at my theatre cant quite agree with assesment that the film is soley geared at twilight crowd. Having competant writing, characters with personality, and interesting world with real threats and less ridiculous, but instead funny, weird love story that to me almost parodies Twilight’s goes a long way to differentiating this from that film. For one actual talking and interaction to establish relationship rather than music montage of walking in forest without muted dialogue

    Anyway – I do love the podcast guys (even when i disagree with you guys) and hope for less over the top Crazy Rick after this wks premier :P

    1. Ricky says

      Oh no I deserve it. I knew when the show ended, I was a prick. I have this problem in which I like to balacne a review. I don’t like everyone on the same page. I feel when we do a review, and we all agree, we tend to repeat what everyone else is saying, and it makes for boring radio. But I can’t lie… I wasn’t a fan. If we went back in time, and Simon started the review by asking me what I thought, I think the entire show would have played differently… but come on … comparing it to Shaun of the Dead … oh Kate .. . no, no, no, no, no …

  3. Sektos says

    I dont ussually have time to reply to these podcasts, but my god this was a ridculous podcast – I’ve disagreed before but never this strong

    Kate i am TOTALLY WITH YOU. I thought this was a very good movie, and enjoyed every moment

    * I thought narration was very well implemented and often funny as it complements R’s expressions and movements. I think the others are completely wrong and im little insulted by implication that im stupid for enjoying it

    * Tonally it was complete comedy with some action to me. What little horror moments wasnt really meant to be scary but reinforce the setting.

    * FX were fine to me, im not one to get caught up on that.

    * Female Character was fine! She was surrounded in beginning and scared & shocked with what just happened. The ONLY bit that didnt work too well was 2nd escape BUT that lead to M getting on bored and ZOmbies starting to turn

    * ZOmbies are no different from Walking Dead! Some are faster (fresher) and others are slower and eventually transform into monster skeletons.

    IT IS NOT TWILIGHT – I on a dare read whole series, watched first and Dawn pt 1 as joke (hilarious films)- AND THIS WAS NOT TWILIGHT. This is same crap as saying everything is hipster or emo

    Good on you Kate for standing up for the film

    1. Ricky says

      Hi Sektos,

      Thanks for listening. I don’t think Simon nor I, ever implied that anyone, especially you, is an idiot for enjoying the film.

      As far as the TWILIGHT references go… Summit Entertainment wanted the film to be made in a way that targeted the same audience. Judging by the audience at my screening, they did a good job, since almost everyone was a teenage girl.

      As for everything else… I guest we will agree to disagree. As someone who has seen many similar films, I wasn’t blown away.

      And as I stated on the show, I intended be kinder to the film on the review, but since Kate went so extremely far in one direction, and compared it with the sheer genius of Shaun of the Dead, I felt I needed to balance the review… thus I was extremely negative.

      As I always say, podcasts are tricky. Sometimes your feelings get the best of you. I don’t like being so incredibly negative on the show, but I guess I was frustrated with the high praise this movie was getting.

      I was expecting to love it and went to the movie very excited. I walked out disappointed. It happens to all of us.

    2. Kate Kulzick says

      Preach it, Sektos! I will say, though, that I don’t think Ricky or Simon meant to imply that people who like the narration are stupid. And Ricky, at my screening I was surrounded by 20-something men, so I wouldn’t judge the film’s producers’ intent based on the audience at any one particular screening. Thanks for listening, Sektos!

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