Walking Dead Podcast Episode 33: “Home”

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This week, the gang is back, and we are all in good spirits. The latest episode of The Walking Dead really hits a home run, leaving little for us to bitch about. Tune in and find out why Ricky feels it is one of the show’s best episodes yet, and listen to Kate try and defend Beth’s character (or lack thereof).


Alabama Shakes – “Hold On”

  1. James says

    Oh and I agree with Simon and Kate about the handling of Tyrese leaving. I wouldn’t just put blame on Suicide Kings. If it wasn’t addressed in that episode for time reasons then it should have been handled in this episode “Home.” Yes they could have shown a shot of them leaving at the end of Suicide Kings, but they could have just as easily opened “Home” with them leaving as well. I guess they wanted to end Suicide Kings on Rick’s crazy behavior.

    In any case it was lazy on their part. Or at least have a character address them leaving whether it’s awkwardly written or not.

    1. Ricky says

      LOL – I watch Saved by the Bell every day. I love that show.

      Simon and Kate had no clue they left the prison. Can I get a little credit here please. .. just kidding. Thanks for listening!!!

  2. James says

    You mean you guys get negative comments when you criticize the show? Some people actually think this show is perfect? Wow.

    Anyway…pretty solid episode. I still wish the dialogue was a little better, but the last 15 minutes really save it for me. I can’t think of a show that is more frustrating than this one. It has potential, but I wish they took more risks. I don’t have the geekgasms with this like I do with Breaking Bad. Still waiting for this show to really find it’s grove and it hasn’t.

    I’ll listen to this podcast any day of the week over Talking Dead which is the most embarrassing after show ever. It’s as long as the actual tv show and it’s so awkwardly handled when their trying to kill an hour. I can’t even watch it anymore. I’m waiting for the host to wear a Walter White hat with a Mad Men t-shirt. The guests are bad too. Their this close to having Dustin Diamond on there.

    Host: Today we have everyone’s favorite character from Saved By The Bell, Screech. That’s right…Dustin Diamond!!!!

  3. Tim says

    Hi all,

    Love the podcast.

    One thing I agree with in your comments this week is how boring The Governor has become and how he has been reduced to a mustache-twirling villain. One of the few bad parts of this otherwise good episode is that he does the “bad guy” thing of not sticking around to finish his plan. He has the upper hand at the prison and can sit there picking off Hershel and the others while they battle the walkers, yet he leaves. Annoying.

    1. Ricky says

      yes but let us not blame the actor. That is the fault of the writing staff.

  4. Ricky says

    I actually have no clue in which direction the show is headed. I also have to restrain from comic book spoilers.

    Go Rick !

  5. Lori C says

    Another interesting discussion – surprised ya’ll didn’t make any predictions.

    I may be in the minority, but Glenn is one of the least interesting characters. I’m a Ricketeer all the way! His mental breaks means he’s unpredictable and deadly.

    I agree that the episode was well scripted and the tempo throughout kept me engaged.

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