Walking Dead Podcast Episode 35: “Clear” with special guest Zack Handlen

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call it serendipity: just as we invite The AV Club’s Zack Handlen to our Walking Dead podcast, the show airs its most celebrated outing in a very long time. “Clear” isolates Rick, Carl and Michonne in a dark, harrowing episode that reintroduces a character long thought lost. But are Ricky, Kate, Simon and Zack as impressed as most of the TV cognoscenti seem to be? Tune in and find out.



Rory Erickson – “I Walked With A Zombie”

Black Strobe – “I’m A Man”

  1. joshua scott says

    I love your show, love your critique and analytical perspective and think you’re fair to the show and your consciences BUT, sometimes it seems you wrap yourselves up in your analyzing and don’t see the forest for it’s trees. Case in point: all of you seemed confused over why these actors don’t just kill each and every zombie along their paths yet as you all have pointed out, repeatedly, these people do not have the best eating habits. To exhaust their limited nutrition on non-threats leaves them vulnerable for raids. I feel dirty even legitimizing television on a realistic level but it was plain to me that these people can’t waste their energy and put them in a potentially risky situation, to satisfy, “what if” scenarios. As an avid hiker and obscure locale boater I know the importance of saving energy for the unknown. If you exhaust your resources, you’ll end up dead, in the zombie apocalypse. Keep up with your show, this isn’t a deal breaker with me. Only advice I can offer is sometimes take a step back from your highly intense critique and attempt to see the easy solution.

  2. Ricky says

    Thanks James. I’m glad someone enjoyed it. I don’t think I will be hosting the show next season.

  3. James says

    Great episode. I guess they can’t keep doing these self contained episodes because they would come off less special, but I still think it’s a better alternative.

    I’m hoping they beat the Governor, stay at the prison till maybe the 2nd half of season 4 after their prison is attacked by what they initially feared…walkers. This way we don’t have another ending to a season where they have to evacuate. It also puts them on the road which we were deprived of between season 2 and 3 when they were on the road for 8 months. It does make more sense practically speaking for them to hold up somewhere, but it’s not as entertaining and then you get cases like what Zack said where characters move slightly to the left and try to find something interesting to do or say. However like Kate said it could get a bit tiring seeing them travel as well. It’s sort of a lose lose situation and a clear sign to me that they should wrap this show around season 5 or so. Occasionally they will delve into some new ideas and themes, but on a narrative level this isn’t much left to do. I know with the ratings they have they probably don’t have any plan to wrap this up in the near future and that’s a shame.

    To me I want the group to eventually whittle down to Rick and Carl towards the end of the series. Things have to get worse before they get better, but then whatever it is, there is a small sign of hope. I just don’t want the Army strolling down the road with like a new cure or something. I prefer ambiguity in a world like this even if it pisses off some people. Be nice after all these years if the comic book was over. Then we might have an idea of where the show is going.

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