Walking Dead Podcast Episode 39: “Welcome to the Tombs” with special guest Kevin Yeoman

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We’ve finally reached the end of our long, tumultuous season, as The Walking Dead closes its third year, as well as Glen Mazzara’s tenure as showrunner. Ricky, Kate and Simon are joined by Kevin Yeoman of Screenrant to weigh the decisions made by Mazzara and the writers as to who finally lives and dies in the Battle of Woodbury, we well as trying to parse exactly what this ending implies about the forthcoming fourth season.



Roky Erickson – “I Walk With A Zombie”

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  1. Ricky says

    There are some great winter scene in the comic. I’d love to see a Christmas episode.

    1. joshua scott says

      I just want to know what Martinez and the other guy are thinking, staying with the govnuh. It was easier to accept his sociopathic methods when they had the numbers but, after laying waste to his whole community (figuratively speaking), now it seems closer to “battered wife” syndrome. These two must be co-dependents.

      1. Ricky says

        I get why they stayed with The Governor, but I don’t get it. LOL – I mean I just would never do it, but I understand why they do it… no different than any other henchmen in any other movie or TV show.

        I want to see Martinez and Car in a straight up brawl.

        1. joshua scott says

          I finally had the chance to listen to the rest of your show and I am glad you made mention of Carl’s transformation. His response to that child with the gun was vague yet set up a great opportunity to take this show in a new direction. I was JUST saying, two-seconds beforehand, that something new needs to happen soon or I’m about set on this show. Next thing I know, Carl’s ambiguous situation – in front of witnesses – gave me promise. This is why I enjoy your show. You three offer incite that others don’t and I appreciate your sometimes tumultuous circumstances. I’m interested, have any of you looked at the sociological comparison regarding zombies and the direction society seems to be going? Let me clarify: do you see “the masses” becoming aligned with the conceptual ideology behind the typical zombie (i.e. appearance of life yet devoid of anything we typical associate within Human Beings)? I think the reason I have been captivated by this show – in the first place – is because I look around and watch as people rush to and fro like rats in a proverbial maze. Completely wrapped up in their own vainglorious outlook, ignorant of others around them. Appearing to be alive but cut-throat and inconsiderate of others. It’s important for you to understand that most who are reading this are probably exempt to what I am explaining but also have probably run into exactly what I am arguing.

          1. Ricky says

            ha ha – Thanks Joshua. I think we’ve discussed these issues on one of our Sordid Cinema podcasts but I just can’t remember which. Many studies have been made in researching when and why the genre becomes so popular. They’ve linked it to war, economic crisis and so on. But yeah … maybe I’ll bring up some of these points in future episodes.

  2. Andreamustdie says

    I was fully satisfied with the Finale.

    As for the winter idea that James came up with. I love the idea. But I don’t think it will happen.

    Considering Frank Darabont was fired because of his demands for wanting more budget for the show.

    Having snow on the show would obviously mean AMC has open up their checkbook. And I don’t think they are willing to do that.

    1. Ricky says

      Wait … can’t they CGI in the snow? I mean , don’t they digitally create the entire world of Boardwalk Empire, including the ocean?

      1. Andreamustdie says

        Boardwalk Empire uses both. They use real live sets like recreating the Boardwalk. And CG for the backgrounds and the Oceans.

        But were talking about HBO here Ricky. Obviously they have no problem opening up their wallets when it comes to their TV shows. “Boardwalk” and “Game of Thrones” are evidence of that.

        AMC on the other hand doesn’t seem to have the resources that HBO has financially. Or they just don’t want to.

        1. Ricky says

          AMC vs HBO … I prefer HBO

    2. Ricky says

      Of course you liked the episode. Your nick name is Andreamustdie…. lol –

      1. Andrea(RIP)eh not really! says

        About that, due to the recent events that transpired. I have to change my name.

  3. joshua scott says

    I see Andrea’s explanation as a way to show the results of one clinging to their past, in a zombie apocalypse. She was a Civil Rights lawyer who tasted “Civilization” again, in Woodbury. When I heard her excuse, I felt bad at how much I have ripped on her. Maybe it was a mid-season decision based on fear of the fanboy but it still worked. She at least died as she lived

    1. Ricky says

      Yeah.. I think that is why I love the scene. It also made me feel bad.

  4. James says

    Can we get winter one of these seasons? Remember when Rick in 18 Miles Out considers the possibility of snow slowing down the walkers? I’d like to see these characters eat more. Make some changes to the prison. Get more lighting or something.

    I sure as hell hope that Scott Gimple, but it does seem like the writing team are never on the same page together.

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