Want to Study The Undead?

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Anyone who attends the University of Baltimore this semester can enroll in a Zombies Studies class taught by Arnold Blumberg. Blumberg is the author of Zombiemania and has developed his class agenda around this piece of literature and works of zombie cinema throughout history. Students will be reading various books and films about the undead while focusing on more than just the works, but as well as other areas of how they effect and relate to society.

Blumberg states, “It’s relatively easy to connect the zombie to what is happening in culture. We’ll have fun with it, but we’ll also give it a serious look in different contexts, like that of American progress.”

And he also adds, “The zombie functions as an allegory for all sorts of things that play out in our country. Whether it’s the threat of communism during the Cold War or our fears about bioterrorism in 2010.”

Who needs Principles of Earth Science or The Cultural Perspective on Gender when you can study the walking dead. When the zombie outbreak occurs, only those who have studied the key characteristics of brain devouring zombies could possibly save us from the infection, or perhaps those with a heavy arsenal of guns.

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