Check Out a Horde’s Worth of ‘Warcraft’ Character Posters

Warcraft posters header

I really am genuinely curious to see how the Warcraft movie shakes out, both in terms of actual quality and box office performance. Because on the surface, and let’s be honest here… really does look kinda terrible doesn’t it? Plot-wise, it almost feels like an orcs-and-humans re-hash of the last Planet of the Apes movie and while some of the visuals are somewhat impressive, any time a human character is on screen it looks like someone badly superimposed an actor’s face over a CGI body.

But on the other hand……Duncan Jones. A good director can keep me interested in a project no matter how bad it looks on the surface, and if Moon proved anything it’s that Duncan Jones is indeed a good director. At least, he’s very good at directing Moon. How his particular skill set will translate to Warcraft, a movie as different from Moon as you could possibly get, remains to be seen.

A new slate of character posters has been released to promote the movie, focusing mostly on Warcraft‘s Orc cast. And that’s a good thing because hoo boy that one of Dominic Cooper sure is rough. Not just the way his face looks awkwardly photoshopped in, but even the weird shading on the helmets of the soldiers in the lower portion of the poster. But even on the Horde side there’s a fair bit of uncanny valley action going on with those empty, glassy stares. With Warcraft opening across Conjuring 2, the sequel to one of the most successful horror movies in recent memory, its odds don’t look stellar.

What do you think? Will Warcraft be a pleasant surprise or is this thing shaping up to be the dud we all suspect it will be? Check out the gallery of posters and let us know what you think.

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